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Mailing ListThe Crimea’s American Tale (Part 2)
Christmas gigs ahoy. Owen’s having trouble emailng this out so hit More to read the latest news from the band.

Hey hey,

OK, so we’re still here in the States. We haven’t quite got American
accents, but a Crimea-sized dent has been made in New Orleans, Owen’s
running for Mayor in Oxford and Joe’s slaying the female population. We’re
in the final stages of mixing – Ching and Someone’s Crying are done – it all
sounds amazing and we’re all very, very happy. We’ve run over a bit, so we
won’t be making it to the west coast (apologies – we’ll be over next year),
but we will be packing an incredible record when we do come back.

It’s probably been more for our amusement than anyone else’s, but we’ve
documented the entire trip in words and pictures (Bored? Us? Never!). It’s
all there – nudity, drunkenness, clueless tourism… you can see it all by
clicking here:

Christmas is coming and another Crimea party is on the horizon. Actually,
there’s two on the horizon, but one isn’t really ours. The first is at the
Windmill in Brixton on 19th of December. It’s an infamous all-dayer, we’re
on at 7pm and, apparently, there’s some weird ticketing system going on.
Check for details.

We’ll also be playing on Monday the 20th of December upstairs at The
Enterprise, Camden, London. It’s our party, we’ll cry if we want to, but
we’ll most likely get steaming on Jagermeister. It’ll be an acoustic show,
possibly set in Jerusalem 2004 years ago. It’ll be ?4 to get in, but, due to
the very limited amount of tickets, you have to reserve yours beforehand. To
get your tickets, reply to this mail with something vaguely relevant in the
subject box. No more than 4 tickets per person, please. We’ll let you know
in due course if your name’s down.

That’s it. We’re leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when we’ll be back
again, but we’d stake a tenner on early next year sometime. It’s been great.
Tipped hats to everyone that’s played a part in the adventure. We’ll see you

Lots of love,

The Crimea

We Salute You: Rebel Radio, Johnny Damon, the USA

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