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Some guys from one of Andy Norton’s old bands went to see The Crimea (quite a while ago actually). Anyways, they liked em, click More to see just how much.
Some one on liked the Lottery Winners On Acid EP enough to add it to a Top 30 of 2004 list. You know Where you can find thier comments.
Nick Spacek from Static Magazine, on the other hand, added it to a Top 5 list. “The other songs will have you hoping that your copy of ?Tragedy Rocks? shows up in your mailbox sometime before the speakers go out on your stereo.” Speaking of which…
This guy finally recieved his copy after a months wait (Owen?), just to have it fall on his foot when it came through the letterbox.
But he’s not the only one wanting more of the band, as the LWOA EP was the third most requested CD on top US radio station KCRW at the beggining of November.

August 2004
Crimea Rock!!!
As mentioned below, we announced the impending performance at V2004 of Andy Norton and his new band The Crimea. We had spies abroad that day and here is what Splash & Misty had to say;
“The Crimea were superb, and Andy played a note perfect set, with all his usual energy and flamboyance. It is a crime that they only had a 20 minute slot, ’cause we could have quite happily dedicated 2 hours to them. And to top it all, as the last note of the last song was fading, Andy unplugged his guitar and without a nod, a wink or a wave walked off stage with a ‘my work here is done’ kinda air about him. Marvelous stuff, well done Andy, well done Crimea. The Vstage next year ?”

Taken from

The Crimea – Tragedy Rocks:
Thoughtful lyrics, tight instrumentation, sexy production, The Crimea’s d?but is as good as we could have hoped after being teased by all those singles. The Crimea is made up of former members of The Crocketts and even more difficult to pigeonhole. I suppose you could try to imagine a Welsh Flaming Lips after a few pints.

Review from

The Crimea
?Lottery Winners On Acid?
Warner Brothers

Sure, it?s just a five song EP, and yet costs eleven smackers. It?s still the happiest, prettiest blend of Bright Eyes, the Kinks, and the Flaming Lips I?ve ever had the pleasure of blasting out of my stereo. The title track is amazingly catchy, and it alone makes the disc worth tracking down. The other songs will just have you putting the disc on infinite repeat and hoping that your copy of their ?Tragedy
Rocks? full-length shows up in your mailbox sometime before the speakers go out on your stereo.

Review by Nick Spacek for Static Magazine.

KCRW’s Most Requested CD’s
For the week of November 1, 2004

1. Gotan Project
title: Inspiracion Espiracion
label: XL/Beggars Banquet

2. Brazilian Girls
title: Lazy Lover ep
label: Verve

3. The Crimea
title: Lottery Winners on Acid ep
label: Warner Brothers

4. Blues Explosion
title: Damage
label: Sanctuary

5. Luna
title: Rendezvous
label: Jetset

List compiled by Nic Harcourt for KCRW.

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