2004 Round-up

Well you might have noticed that recent news is a bit thin on the ground right now, so click More for a round-up of The Crimea’s past year. It’s guaranteed to give you something to do for, say, a few minutes at least, though I’ve not written it yet and it’s bound to end up filling your whole monitor with text. Grab any remaining mince pies, sit back, and reminiss over the band’s fun and frolics during 2004.


The Crimea started 2004 after coming out eighth in legendary Radio 1 DJ John Peel’s “Festive Fifty” with their single ‘Baby Boom’. Not long later, Richard Reynolds aka The Vanden Plas finally got round to sending me a copy of his remix of the single. I still listen to it more than the original. Moving even further away from actual band news, Holly Boswell (former band webmistress) had a baby girl with one of the band’s ex-guitar techies. So how many of you are reading that now and thinking “really? fook me”?


Back to the real band news, and February saw the band revealing their plans for their debut album. They quickly blagged themselves a live session on Captain America’s Virgin Radio to play a couple songs of the album, and I still don’t have a copy of it so if you have a recording of the show stashed away…


The time some of us had been waiting three years for finally came. Crimea album Tragedy Rocks was finally released and to celbrate, the band set off on the first, albeit small, tour of America starting with an appearance at the South By Southwest festival in Texas. Aswell as sneaking onto a Radio 1 documentary during the festival they also created a small media scrum during their performance which included a one Perry Watts-Russel, Warner Brothers head PR man.
Oh, and there was that small Wanadoo competition the band were entered for, leaving a small minority of us wanatodooing nothing other than get out of the type-click-back-refresh circle we had unwitingly got ourselves caught up in.


With the band taking a much needed rest after their touring and album recording, not much happened in April. Sitewise, though, the left framed links dissapeared forever as the site got a much needed makeover. Could be one of the reasons it finally reached 40,000 visitors too. The Crimea’s drummer Owen Hopkin lent his skills to Halflight, and can be heard on the first song of thier Subside EP.


The Crimea started April by virtually taking over Adam Walton’s Radio Wales show with an hour long session of songs and an interview. They end it by signing a record deal with Warner Brothers thanks to ole Perry Watts-Russel who quite liked the album, and get on the road to support Ash during a UK tour.


The Ash fans warm to The Crimea as the tour continues, while inbetween gigs they also find time to support the Stereophonics. The press also show more and more intrest in them as they pick up on the Warners deal.


Festival seson starts and the band head off to T In The Park for the first of many tented gigs. As the US radio stations start broadcasting Crimea songs, second single White Russian Galaxy is added to an FF Vinyl compilation released in the UK.


Ambien picnic and V Festivals are both on the bill as The Crimea continue playing the festival circuit. Regular television viewers also start hearing familiar background music as a Crimea song is used on a BBC1 documentary. Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley is so impressed by the The Crimea’s recent support of her band, she borrows guitarist Andy Norton to play with her during some live performances.


More support slots becon as Jimmy Eat World call upon what’s quickly becoming Britain’s hottest support band. And Warner Brothers stick up a small website to promote The Crimea’s first US release.

More soon…

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