Maxtor (Almost) Suck

You know when your PC starts making loud buzzing noises that you’re not gonna have a good day. Possibly due to the cold weather, or just down to the bad luck I’m due, my hard drive seems to have gone south for the winter and i’m not too sure if I’ll get her back. Hopefully it’s something else that’s buggered but I’m not taking any chances and I’m not going near it ’til I get a new hard drive and make a proper backup. If the worst happen and I loose any/all of the god-knows-how-much Crimea related stuff I had on there then don’t expect too many updates round here for a while. Not that there’s much going on anyway, you should check the message board for anything I don’t pick up on such as gigs and the like.
EDIT: It’s all good, it didn’t break afterall. Yet. But it’s all backed up which is the main thing.

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