The Crimea Set To Brighten Up 2005

Yesterdays edition of the Daily Telegraph featured an article on bands they believe will make it in 2005. You can view the full article on their website here although you’ll need to register with the site first, so just click More for the Crimea related stuff.

The new British bands who will brighten up 2005
(Filed: 06/01/2005)

Neil McCormick looks at promising acts of the new year

There are a lot of enticing new rock bands to look out for in 2005, although I don’t value my own predictive abilities enough to assert which one is destined for lasting greatness. It is a matter the public will ultimately settle for themselves. But here are my pick of 10 British artists who should, at least, bring a bit of fun and flavour to the year ahead:

Kaiser Chiefs – arty pop-punk outfit from the North East whose Oh My God is an instant classic.

Rooster – striking young rock-pop quartet, prettier than a boy band, catchier than Oasis.

Babyshambles – Pete Doherty of the Libertines’ extraordinary new group whose fate, sadly, may be decided by the use of hard drugs, both in and around the band.

The Crimea – superb, imaginative songwriting underpins the vibrant emotional rock sound of this Welsh five-piece.

Bloc Party – rock-dance ideologues somewhere between Joy Division and Fugazi.

The Others – set to make headlines, the guerrilla giggers may find it hard to take their approach to the next level.

Athlete – a second album of epic melancholia could propel this Deptford four-piece to become the year’s international breakthrough.

The Storys – unsigned but classy country-flavoured ensemble.

Weapons of Mass Belief – unsigned punk rap with real fire and intelligence.

Nerina Pallot – this may be my oddest choice of all. An also-ran in the sensitive singer-songwriter stakes in 2001, she is back this year with a pop-rock protest single, Everybody’s Gone To War.

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