Tragedy Rocks Sells Out

Tragedy RocksThe Crimea’s first album release, Tragedy Rocks, has sold out from all original retailers including the band themselves. If I see anywhere selling copies I’ll be sure to let you know. It’s not all bad though, they’ll be releasing a re-recorded/mixed/produced/etc version of the album in the US very soon so you’ll all be able to get your hands on a copy then.

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7 Responses to “Tragedy Rocks Sells Out”

  1. Dave says:

    Any idea if I might ever get one, considering I sent a cheque to the band before Christmas?

  2. andy says:

    hi there dave. email owen hopkin at to check

  3. Christopher says:

    Deffinately. If Owen can’t get one to you then give me a shout @

  4. Dave says:

    Cheers for your help guys, think it’ll soon be sorted.

  5. Denyer says:

    > If Owen can’t get one to you then give me a shout <

    What people don’t realise, y’see, is that Chris bought most of ‘em. ;?)

    Well, good news on the sales, anyway, and I look forward to the US release.

  6. ozzy pod says:

    anyone no where i can get the album

  7. Christopher says: in the UK, a revised version should be coming out shortly in the US.

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