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A short review of the Lottery Winners On Acid EP on Rhapsody Radish takes you to a much larger version of it on the Worthy Music blog. If you’re lazy, click More and all will be revealed in one location.
The boys are also on the books at Helter Skelter’s website. Being a “live music booking agency” they might be able to help out all you people who keep emailing me for gig bookings.
Here’s a Tragedy Rocks review from another “Top of 2004″ page at Wider Angle.

The Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid Ok, finally found something new I want to write about! This new music dry spell is totally killing me. I’ve been listening to XM Radio lately (see my site if you want to know why) and they have a new music station that has been playing a few tracks from this band. Beautiful, inspiring, occasionally soaring, rough edged, sometimes unsure… I love it. Enjoy! (Via: worthyMUSIC)

Review by Chris Anderson from Rhapsody Radish.

Water… water… water… water…

Woohoo! I finally found something I want to write about! Man, this dry spell is killing me. I’m starting to feel like a junkie desperate for my next hit…

Anyway, for those of you following along, you’ll remember that I bought my wonderful wife an XM receiver and subscription for Christmas since she spends so much time in her car. I totally expected to hate it but have been *totally* proven wrong. I love it. Their music selection is amazing and they actually have a “new music” station that really does play only new music and even introduces me to new stuff. If only Rhapsody’s radio was anywhere near as good as that… sigh… Well, anyway, the new music station (XMU) has played a few tracks from this band and I really like them! I was pleasantly surprised to find them on Rhapsody. Turns out their first LP came out in the UK on a homegrown label last March. Warner Bros. has since picked them up in some capacity and released an EP, their first release of any sort over here. Not sure if and when their debut LP will be released over here.

They fall loosely into the whole indie/post-grunge world, but their songs are loose and infectious. “Baby Boom” is fantastic, inspiring, beautiful, soaring while still rough edged and unsure. I love it. Good thing I didn’t do a “Best Songs of 2004″ countdown for I’d surely have to be rearranging things now. (And luckily this is just an EP so I don’t have to rearrange my Best Albums of 2004 list). Hope you fall in love with this music like I have. Enjoy!

Review by Chris Anderson from Worthy Music.

Top 15 Albums of 2004

We’ve enjoyed 359 days of new music so far this year, so here is my roundup of the best of the best albums that should be checked out if you haven’t already done so.

The Crimea – Tragedy Rocks [The Crimea]
John Peel had championed The Crimea like it was his primary responsibility on his show, and now they’re one of my favorite bands. This is their first really widespread release. It’s sincere and emotive. And it rocks.

Review taken from Wider Angle.

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