Tragedy Rocks US Release Date

The latest on the US release date for The Crimea’s album Tragedy Rocks is now an estimated May 2005 release. Info from (In the Expected In 2005 section).
The UK version of the album made third place in one of CD Times’ authors Top Ten of 2004.
And here’s a link to the people who helped The Crimea get their US record deal with Warners. Click More if you don’t like Flash.

Rob Gissing’s Top Ten of 2004

3. The Crimea – Tragedy Rocks

Better known as what used to be ‘The Crocketts’, this album is a must for any
fan of “The Crox” and a worthy purchase for any fan of good clean Indie Rock.
The album includes the track ‘Baby Boom’ as featured in John Peel’s Festive 50
last year, as well as one of Peel’s favourite songs “Lottery Winners on Acid”

Review by Rob Gissing for CD Times.


-Warner Brothers – 02/05

A&R Wordlwide affiliated act The Crimea has inked a global deal with Warner Bros. Records. The U.K. outfit was selected as one of the A&R Worldwide must-see bands at this years SXSW Conference in Austin, TX. Steven Taverner (manager) tells A&R Worldwide, “I can remember sitting down with Sat Bisla in his office over a year ago and giving him The Crimea CD. Every major record company in the U.K. has passed on the band with the exception of Korda Marshall (Managing Director) at EastWest. After a few changes and a spellbinding set at SXSW the band suddenly found themselves being wined and dined by some of the most senior A&R executives in the American music industry. Two months later the band signed a worldwide deal with Perry Watts-Russell [Sr. VP A&R Warner Bros.] in Los Angeles. Korda Marshall will release the bands material in the U.K. through EastWest. Perry Watts-Russell states, “Gary Mandel [attorney] gave me CDs of eight different artists at SXSW. On the flight back to LA from Austin, I listened to them all; The Crimea immediately stood out because of its musical inventiveness, fascinating lyrics, distinctive vocals and great songs. I flew to New York to meet them and then over to England to see them play live and decided to sign them. Davey McManus [lead singer and songwriter] is a bonafide original talent.” A&R Worldwide Sat Bisla says, When Staven Taverner gave me The Crimea CD last year, I immediately placed them on our online service and sent the CD to all of out A&R clients. It was very obvious to me that the band had great songs and infectious melodies. Im very happy for The Crimea, Steven and Gavin Nugent [management], Joe Taylor [publisher] and Gary Mandel for sticking with the band and securing this deal with Warner Bros. Records. Im a big fan of Baby Boom, White Russian Galaxy and numerous other songs. The Crimea have a bright future ahead of themselves.

Article from A&R Worldwide, thanks to Alex.

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