LWOA EPIf you still haven’t picked up a copy of the Lottery Winners On Acid EP yet, here’s some stuff to persuade you.
Silent Uproar have an excellent review of the EP, with it coming out as the second highest rated single they’ve reviewed this month. Click here or on more to read it.
Musical Taste, the online music recomendation forum, contains an entry for LWOA by someone who seems to believe everything they read in the NME. “Fake American voice” indeed. Click more to read it.
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LWOA EPRelease Date: 10/05/04
Producer: Davey MacManus/The Crimea
Manstyle Points: 4.8 / 5
Reviewed by: m

When your job is to listen to and review music, it starts to take more and more to actually get your attention. Oh sure, you can hear something once and think it?s pretty good. But to hear something once, think it?s pretty good and then play it over and over and over, introduce your friends to it and drive 45 minutes by yourself to catch them opening for two other bands ? now that?s pretty freakin impressive. And that?s what The Crimea did with their EP Lottery Winners On Acid; they got me hook, line and sinker.

From the enveloping opening power guitar of ?White Russian Galaxy? that gives way to Davey MacManus? strangely tender vocals, you?re right there with these guys. There?s no easing into their sound because you?re plunged headlong into some of the best, often quirky, indie-power-pop you?ve heard in a long, long time. And with lines like the title track?s ?If she go tripping / I go falling over,? what?s not to love?

In all honesty, not everything is so effortlessly digested. For instance, I still don?t get why in the world ?Baby Boom? has the line ?I guess we just weren?t interested in getting drunk and trying to start a baby boom? other than for reasons of picking a title. But, since the song on the whole is incredible, I’ve decided just to tune that line out and enjoy the rest of it.

But despite throwing out unexplainable lyrics, most of what The Crimea have to say is just completely smart. Take ?Bombay Sapphire Coma? for example: ?I was just a has been, gone there, done that, got the t-shirt.? Who is that clever?! And who can maintain it throughout five diverse tracks?

And while I?m at it, I?ll just go ahead and talk about the last track, ?Opposite Ends.? Almost tinkling keyboards and delicate guitar pluckings work with near-rap vocals that dissolve into a driving chorus that is pure tortured, straining rock.

So yes, if you?ve been keeping track, I?ve run down something on each of the songs on the EP, and yes, I am gushing like a schoolgirl, but after hearing so much music ? a lot of which has been quite good ? isn?t it saying something to admit that I?m glowing from this? I?m telling you, The Crimea are something to behold. Fantastic vocals, brilliant guitar, perfectly executed and placed bass, keyboards and drums ? The Crimea should be in your player?right now!

Review by M for Silent Uproar.

Lottery Winners on Acid performed by The Crimea (2002)
Recommended by Ricard on Friday 11th March 2005

The Crimea are the current guise of 90′s Welsh indie band The Crocketts, who were pretty rubbish and best forgotten. However, this song, which I think was their first single as the Crimea, is fantastic. It has a great summery feel thanks to some steel drums, goood weird lyrics, and thanks to Davey Crocketts always ammusing fake American singing voice sounds like its come straight from 60s California. This is the only song I’ve heard by the band since they became the Crimea so not sure whether it’s a one-off or they really have improved since the days of the Crocketts (Aberystwyths most famous band!).

Review by Ricard for Musical Taste.

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  1. Christopher says:

    denyer, sorry bout having to make your comment dissapear. news page messed up again, but now i know what causes it. web host seems to have a habbit of giving wierd readings on the used disk space sometimes, making it look like there’s none left. and whenever a comment or post is added when there’s no space then whichever post it is that’s being changed gets corrupted and in turn messes up some other files too. just had to delete the messed up ones and it was good as new.

    anyways… assuming you’re gonna re-post that comment, here’s the reply i tried to post earlier:

    aahh give the guy a break. like i said, prolly just read too much nme. brain corruption n that. and anyway, it never beats the line I keep coming across on google:

    "The Crimea used to be The Crocketts who were a crock of shite"

    hahahahahahaha always cracks me up, that :o )

  2. Denyer says:

    I’d just be happier if student journalism involved some basic quality control — the wanker above doesn’t seem to have mastered taking his paws off the keyboard, let alone worked out what apostrophes are for — and felt some obligation to, I dunno, not talk shit… ;-)

  3. Jenny says:

    Woah… give the guy a break Denyer – he’s giving The Crimea a good review even if his writing style?s not great!
    I just have to complain about your post though… I just can’t stand it when people complain about other people?s use of apostrophes and other punctuation… it’s just so Anal! Whenever I see it I can’t help but think that person is a boring failed journalist, and just have an overwhelming urge to fall asleep rather than listen to any more of there perfectionist wank.
    I bet you did an English degree and thought it was really arty.
    Rant over… though that guy along with others on google seem to have no taste – the Crocketts were genius!

  4. Christopher says:

    ah it’s just denyer’s style to complain when people are mean to certain bands. just think of all the spelling mistakes i make, and he never complained at me once :o ) well, he complained about the size, colour, font and html used to produce the words. but the actuall words don’t seem to bother him :o D and i’ll second that english thing. i’m sure he studied it :o )

    err.. yeah woohoo crocketts etc and new people posting messages :o )…

  5. Christopher says:

    and before he thinks i’m being mean to him: without him everything would be shit. hell, if you’re using anything other than IE then you wouldn’t even be able to see the site. and he says funny things.

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