Gigs: Past, Present & Future

Past: The Crimea appeared at V Festival six months ago, but that don’t stop me finding new stuff from the show. have a review of the festival that may not be that new, though I forget whether I’ve posted it before or not. So anyway, click this or more to read it. But these deffinately are new, six full size photos of the band at V from the Red Penguin. And only four months ago this time, but the band’s apearance at New York’s CMJ festival in October featured in a review by SFWeekly. If you go to their site you’ll wanna page two of the review, though you can always click on more instead.
Present: SXSW gig reviews ahoy. Hybrid Magazine gave the Exodus gig a short comment in a festival roundup, the Advance Titan gave the gig a slightly longer feature in their roundup, and Filter Magazine have a preview of last night’s free post-SXSW gig in LA along with some album news.
Future: The Crimea play the final gig of their US tour with Ash this evening at Slim’s in San Francisco. Don’t bother if you haven’t got tickets already though, it sold out ages ago. No doubt the band’ll be back in the near future to play again. Hands up everyone who knew about the Crimea album preview party taking place on the SXSW Bus during the festival? Nah, me neither, but aparently they were giving people free listens of the new album, Tragedy Rocks. Never mind, the Passport Approved show on Indie 103.1 in the US seem to be playing many Crimea tracks from their upcoming album so give it a listen sometime.

The Sun Sets on the V Festival for Another Year!

The Music Choice stage played host to up-and-coming bands like the Delays, The Stands, The Concretes, The Bees, and The Crimea. As always, The Delays put on a cracking show and put us in the mood to ROCK! The Bees provided an eclectic mixture of sounds, including of course ‘Wash In The Rain’ which was a highlight. You may have caught The Crimea on tour with Ash recently, and that experience seems to have stood them in good stead as they rocked us to our cores and made sure they were a band to watch out for in the future.

V Festival 2004 review from

Marathon Man
If I can make it there, at the CMJ Music Marathon, I can make it anywhere
Published: Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The next day I was up at 1 in the afternoon and had a beer in my hand by 2. I saw a bunch of mediocre acts that aren’t worth mentioning, and a decent one called the Crimea from the U.K. that plays spastic, explosive post-punk.

Review by Garrett Kamps for


Friday, 18 March 2005

After a few hours’ break, we found ourselves in Exodus, for the Crimea. Indie pop with brooding undertones, vocals like Conor Oberst and Leonard Cohen‘s love child, and lyrics that appeared to reach a level of honesty almost too painful. I loved it. But he kept doing this cheesy salute thing with his guitar that was pretty annoying.

Review by Emily Strong for Hybrid Magazine.

Musical Direction
South By Southwest music festival showcases up-and-coming talent
Photo: British rock band Crimea brought their indie alternative rock to the United States during South By Southwest and will release an album in April.

Later in the night I had the joy of discovering the British alt-indie noise group, The Crimea. Never in my life have I witnessed such a powerfully raw performance. I wasn?t sure if I wanted to hug the lead singer or run for my life as he shook and collapsed in his screaming shrieks of pain. While this British crooner may have actually experienced a recent severe instance of heartbreak, I?m thinking that between the silent screams at nothing and violent shakes of a pointing guitar that this dude was probably more likely to have been drugged up on something with his eerie resemblance to a cracked out caveman. If Bright Eyes had a backing band that rocked, the Crimea would still sound ten times cooler in the sense of indie-alt hipsterness.

Review by Jodi Root for the Advance Titan.

The Crimea Play Spaceland Tonight
by D. Allaire | 03.28.2005

Fresh off their opening slot on Ash‘s co-headlining tour with the Bravery, UK’s The Crimea set off on a few dates of their own.

The band have released an import version of their EP Lottery Winners On Acid and have just finished a full length Tragedy Rocks which will hopefully be released this summer.

Here is the tracklisting:

White Russian Galaxy
Lotttery Winners On Acid
Baby Boom
Opposite Ends
Losing My Hair
Here Comes the Suffering
Bad Vibrations
The Great Unknown
Howling At the Moon
Girl Just Died
Gazillions of Miniature Violins
Someone’s Crying

Here are the show details:

ELECTROCUTE – midnight





Preview by D. Allaire for Filter Magazine.

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