Tragedy Rocks US Update

The Crimea’s debut US album release Tragedy Rocks is now listed on a few US retail websites for pre-order, with an unconfirmed release date of June 14th. currently have it for $13.98 but make sure you add in the postage costs to that. And if you have a spare copy of the UK release, someone wants it :o ) EDIT: I knew I should’ve bought more copies.
Update: Incase you’ve not read the comments yet, the release date on the US Amazon site has changed to July (that’s JULY) 26th. But it’s also been added to the Amazon UK site with the release still as June 14th changed to July 26th as I type. And Amazon’s never been known for it’s reliability with release dates, so expect them to change some more before it is released. I say beginning of July. Failing that, at least sometime in 2005. I’ve already heard of some people with promos of the album so it can’t be that far away. Getting of the point a bit here… err… Denyer’s been a huge help again and saved me figuring this stuff out myself: Tragedy Rocks order costs, shipped to the UK, from is around ?13.50 after P&P, and from it’s only ?11.00 after P&P, and being under ?18 customs shouldn’t charge you anything for it, so right now that’s the cheapest place you can peorder if you really want to.

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6 Responses to “Tragedy Rocks US Update”

  1. monkeyfish says:

    says june 26th now

  2. Denyer says:

    It’s available for pre-order from Amazon UK, too:


  3. Christopher says:

    so who’s gonna calculate postage prices to work out whether ?7 + p&p from the US or ?12 + p&p from the UK is cheaper? me i recon…

  4. Denyer says:

    Amazon US: $14 + $7 = ?11 at current exchange rate.

    Amazon UK: ?12 + ?1.50 = ?13.50, though if you’re ordering other items, it’s free shipping on orders over ?19.

    Given the good exchange rate, ordering from the US site if you can pay now (before it falls again) would be better. Some people prefer to deal UK, though.

    It’s worth noting that the prices listed on both sites may fall slightly once the album’s actually released.

  5. Denyer says:

    Oh yeah, and the date on the US site currently says *July* 26th.

  6. Christopher says:

    go figure… thanks denyer :o ) so it’s out sometime this summer then :o

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