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The one where Owen gets lonely… and unless you wanna pay your own plane fare, UK entrants only please :o )

Sent : 29 April 2005 22:22:37
Subject : The Crimea – US Diary! Merch! UK Gig! Erm…Win A Date With Owen!

hey, hey, and indeed, hey

So we made it back from the US alive – thanks to everyone who came out early to support and buy records. We endured torture through sleep deprivation, avoided killing each other in North Carolina and made a 3000 mile drive in a Philius Fogg-defying three days. Ash and The Bravery, as well as being fab tour-mates, cooled down the crowd nicely for us – thanks guys! You can read about all our exploits in our tour diary, which is currently showing on:
We’ll also be throwing up a film of our three day trans-American slog. It should be on-line in the next couple of days, so keep checking. As a piece of work, it’s up there with Citizen Kane and Dodgeball. Really, it’s that good.

In a HM Customs-defying display of bravado, we’ve also managed to bring some merch back with us. We’ve got the t-shirts and some autographed US Lottery Winners On Acid EP’s that include White Russian Galaxy, LWOA, Baby Boom, Bombay Sapphire Coma and Opposite Ends. Have a browse here if you want:

Now that we’re back on home turf and kicking our heels, we thought we might as well go kick it out somewhere. We’re playing the Kill All Hippies night at London’s SCALA on May 21. It’s a club night, XFM’s Eddie Temple Morris will be there… it’ll be a time to get heroically drunk and fail to pull members of the opposite sex. What more could you ask for? Admission is ?7, but if you fill on the guestlist on the KOH site it’s ?3, so head here:

Now that we’re back on home turf and kicking our heels, we thought we might as well raffle Owen off on a date. That’s right, you read it correctly. We’re giving one person a chance to talk sticks and cymbals (or anything you want… he’s quite well read) at a Kylie Minogue concert. That’s right, you read that correctly, too. All you’ve got to do is sign up at My Space (it’s the new Friendster, dont’cha know?), become our friend and send us a message with a Kylie Minogue song-title in it. It’s that simple. All the info is on our My Space page, which is here:
As well as offering out our band members, we’ll also be putting up Davey’s song explanations and generally pretending we’ve got loads of friends. Why don’t you sign up and pretend with us? Go on, it’ll be a laugh…

So that’s it for the moment. As ever there’s more news in the pipeline (actually, we hope there is ‘cos we’re bored at the moment). We’ll let you know when it happens or keep these in your favourites:

See you soon, or if you win the competition, Owen will see you sooner. Now that’s a scary thought…

Lots of Love

The Crimea

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