New Music Ahoy

MySpaceI would’a left this ’til tomorrow but seeings how something even better should be happening then (and really, this post takes some beating)… If you’ve not been over to The Crimea’s profile yet then do. Really. Or miss out on a free preview of the album.
Kill All HippiesEDIT: Scratch that, it happened today. have just uploaded some live Crimea MP3′s recorded at last nights gig in Scala, London. All eight of them can be downloaded for ?1.00 each (that’s about $2 for you US folks) and feature plenty of old favourites and brand spaking newbies alike. Like I say, they have just been uploaded so I’d give it a while anyway just incase there’s some mor… hang on… they’ve gone… well I was just gonna say they might change it a bit. Go figure. Oh… wait… it’s back.. aaannnd changed. ?5.00 for the lot. And again, give em an hour just to iron out any problems. Now please don’t dissapear again…

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  1. Denyer says:

    I got ‘Girl Just Died’ to see if it was better than the 30-second previews. Nope. They’re lying when they say "We supply music files at a bitrate of at least 192kbps."

    You can hear the new structure and arrangement, but other than that the recording is very muffled apart from vocals/keyboards.

    Either turn it up lots, or people might like to check this out:

    …and try things with the first knob a bit towards mono, the second one round to ‘life’ and a bit more volume (gain).

    Still, sounds like it was a great gig even if the recording’s iffy.

  2. Christopher says:

    and incase anyone just reads the first sentance of that, he means the audio quality. the actual songs much better than the one on white russain galaxy, believe me.

    and that eq setting you showed me ages ago works alright with it…

    could be better but that’s what albums are for.

  3. Denyer says:

    > the actual song’s much better than the one on white russain galaxy

    Oh, hell yeah. Extra bits, a lot more "oomph" to the playing. The original is sounding quite slow and empty now in comparison. =)

    There’s two schools of thought when it comes to releasing live stuff. The purist approach involves giving people the raw recording to play with, the other giving things some post-prod for people who normally only listen to studio work.

    As far as the d/l quality goes, I can only guess that KAH supplied TT with 160kbps encodings. It could’ve been done less sloppily for no extra effort, y’know?

  4. Christopher says:

    gimme raw stuff any day :0)
    i actually like my own recordings of the cwps gig better than those, can’t be anything to do with quality though, maybe just atmosphere or something…

  5. Denyer says:

    Yeah, a bit of crowd and banter in the mix is nice. Often you can get preferable results with a mic in front of a band than by simply recording through the soundboard, because that’s been optimised for a specific set of speakers…

    Plus it’s always different listening to a gig that you were at.

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