Guess who’s back? + Mailing list update.

Mailing ListLong Live The Crimea
The Crocketts are all but back to they’re (almost) chart topping ways, with new members, new gigs, a new name, and a single and tour coming up.
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To start off with, anyone see Owen at Reading?

Owen – 30 Aug – 06:00:27 PM
Sorry about being a bit crap about posting. There’s more dates coming, I’ll be doing a mail out in about 30 mins. Check that or for details.

Geoff’s gone. Jo’s in. You proabably know that tho’.

Went to Reading, got twatted, started kicking over tables full of booze… the usual shit. Got my head absolutely blown off by Muse. Christ on a rusty bike, they were AMAZING. Never been much of a fan until now. They’re my new favourite band. Big style.

Made a knob of myself by telling Muse’s bass player they were the bollocks at the Kerrang! awards. I told him about 20 times. Not that bothered tho. Also had my picture taken with my all time hero, Roger Taylor from Queen. Fucking Yay!!!!!

See you at some of the gigs?



That’s from the Crocketts Bleedmusic messageboard.

But below is the important stuff, the latest from the band’s mailing list.

From : Owen Hopkin
Subject : Good Things
Date : Fri, 30 Aug 2002 18:33:52 +0100

Hello everybody

We told you there were good things around the corner and, not meaning to
blow our half-inched-from-Mystic-Meg whistle, we were right. I’ll keep it
brief, it’s Friday evening and I’m struggling for gags, so let’s get down to
the facts.

The Crimea (or Crocketts if you’re having trouble letting go)

1. Touring

We’ve got some more dates.Here they are.


6 White Horse, High Wycombe
7 Barfly Cardiff
11 Barfly, London
16 The Black Lion, Chapel Street, Salford, Manchester
27 The Wychwood, Ashton Under Lyne
28 Rummers, Aberystwyth

We’re first on at High Wycombe (it was a bit last minute, sorry – we’ll be
back properly soon), so get there early. Stage time will probably be @
7.30/8. You can phone 01494 527 672 and ask for Paul Bennet if you need to
find out properly.

You can order tickets for the Cardiff and London gig online at Or over the phone on 0870 90 70 999. They’re both
headline shows)

The Manchester show is a part of the In The City record industry scmooze
fest. It’s part of the unsigned competition and the gig, as far as we know,
is free (if it isn’t, it won’t be much). We’ll be on at about 8.15.

The Wychwood and Rummers, for those that have been there and know the score,
will be a great laugh as usual.

2. Single

We’ll be putting a single out mid November. It’s looking like the Radio 1
shag monster ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’ at the moment. There’ll be two
unconfirmed b-sides on there as well.

It’ll be coming out on the new Shiny Beast label, a small imprint of the
mighty, yet friendly, Channelfly empire. God bless all that sails on her.

We’ll be out on tour to support it in November. We’re firming things up
right now.

3. Members Come And Members Go (Through Our Revolving Door…)

OK, so it’s not strictly a good thing, but Geoff is plucking those thick
four strings no more. We thank him profusely for his service to the cause
and wish him well.

Jo Uddwin is our new plank spanker. Jo moved in to our house a few months
ago. He’s 6 foot 7 and is singlehandedly responsible in ensuring Owen will
have to stand on a box for all future photo sessions.

That’s all for now.

Come to the shows. Bring farm animals. Be merry.

The Crimea

PS Keep abreast of things on:
(contains dates, links, merch shop etc.)
(message board)
(Violent Heaven’s Crocketts Club)


A little bit too much to take in in one night. So…
Six gigs, and in Aber. A new single. A tour. Mr Jo Uddwin on bass. And Owen standing on a box.
Needless to say I haven’t stopped smiling for the last two hours.
Whats with the farm animals though?

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11 Responses to “Guess who’s back? + Mailing list update.”

  1. Joe Udwin says:

    Hi there, well I’ve never really signed one of these messageboard things, but anyway… for some reason Owen doesn’t know how to spell my name even though we’ve been living in the same house for about five months, so hopefully this will sort things out. Anyway gotta bust, coz I’m at work and I’ve got to pretend to actually be doing something useful. Looking forward to getting out and playing…
    -Joe Udwin

  2. Louise says:

    Ahhhhh big bottom lip! – am having a party Sat night so can’t come to Cardiff. Have fun. Come play Bristol again soon please! – and why have you changed your name???

  3. elodie says:

    joe on the site now that’s fun! hope ur first gig went well, c u in cardiff–elodie :-)

  4. Christopher says:

    ah don’t worry, he can’t spell davey’s name either.
    the proper message board is it’s what everyone else uses.

  5. Sam says:

    It’s fantastic and very encouraging. However, while I know it’s a little out of the way unless you’re doing a tour of over 12 dates or so, please please please can *someone*, *anyone* persuade/force/blackmail the crocketts into coming to Norwich, or somewhere nearby. We need to see the crox, I can promise at least 10 screaming crox/crimea devotees. And that’s just from the small number of people I know. Being a bit broke I really can’t afford to go to anywhere outside Norfolk, and if I can see the crox/Crimea live just one I’ll be able to die happy – as opposed to an angry gibbering wreck.

  6. nix says:

    hey –
    hope all your gigs went ok .
    JOE everyone at home / CT are impressed. Thandi and lou are doing some major " joe promotion". See you some time.

  7. sim says:

    great cardiff gig, loved ‘utopia’ keep rocking.

  8. Melanie May says:

    Gutted I missed you guys at Cardiff although was at the past two Enterprise shows and as I told you all you rocked and can’t wait to see you all again. Love the new stuff and can’t wait for the single as I think it is a wicked song and will do really well. Break a leg tonight and will try to get all my photos of the gigs to you soon. (By the way, if you can’t remember who I am I am the little Irish girl who hangs with the two little French girls, THE 40 FOOT) take care see you soon Melanie

  9. Sarah says:

    Arghhhh! I missed and am missing Cardiff gigs! oooh, I miss the club Ifor Bach ones though….*has fond memories of 2000, being 17, being drunk, and seeing the croxs for the first time…and the second…and the third…*


  10. nim says:

    you are amazing
    my friend cried when she heard you played blue dog and she had missed it you have to come back to aber soon

  11. steve smid says:

    Personaly im not a real rock fan but I have heard some of the songs and i think they r amazin. All the best 2 the Crimea. Hey Joe, if you read this all the best for the future. take care. steve p.s. carry on pretending to do something usefull at work

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