The band regret to announce the cancellation of their London and Aberystyth shows (16th and 17th of June). Huge apologies to everyone who’d expressed an interest in coming down to either gig.

In a massive scheduling cock-up, the band have also been booked to play with Keane at the following US dates:

15 June – Revolution, Ft Lauderdale, Florida,
17 June – Verizon Wireless Theatre, Houston, TX
18 June – Nokia Theatre, Dallas, TX

The band are hugely disappointed at having to miss some UK shows – they’ll be re-scheduled very soon.

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12 Responses to “Important – London and Aber gigs postponed”

  1. christopher says:

    in the words of a rather annoying reality tv star:


    fun holiday i’m gonna have in aber then :o

  2. christopher says:

    and why does my grumpy face not work :o (

  3. Denyer says:

    Your broadband connection up and running, then? That was minutes after the mailing list… :-)

  4. Christopher says:

    nope, just on for a few secs a day (twice today cos i got to use my dads uni comp) and again i’d just like to repeat this small soundbite:

  5. AC says:

    So, are they supporting Keane next Saturday in Dallas – no mention anywhere but here about that? Their site only says Regina Spektor.

  6. Denyer says:

    There seem to be two main Keane sites, and — neither’s been updated in the last few days, so if The Crimea were booked in last-minute they wouldn’t be listed.

  7. christopher says:

    they’re never listed on official sites, but if they say they’re playing then they’re playing (well, usually :o ( ) and oooooo regina rocks :o D crimea + regina = *yay*

  8. monkeyfish says:

    the Uk is being neglected a tad I feel

  9. christopher says:

    i think they’re planning on becomming official residents so davey can run for president. watch out ibitha i says.

  10. Denyer says:

    > the Uk is being neglected a tad I feel

    Partly management, partly economic reality; it’s a much sounder prospect to reimport to the UK from the US than get exposure here straight off.

    We have already had an album, three singles and a lot of gigs. I’m certain the band are probably as pissy at plans changing suddenly as fans are.

  11. Christopher says:

    i do not
    believe it

    >>Aberystwyth MIDSUMMER MADNESS 5!!!
    >>18 June 2005
    >>9pm: THE MIGHTY FUOD – Needing no introduction the magnificent
    >>Abersystwyth based funk-band return once more to the Mid Mad stage.

    on at just the right time for me to be in a car on my way back home from aber having had the crimea pull out of the previous nights gig. fuckafuckingbout. someone’s havin a laugh, and it ain’t me.

  12. monkeyfish says:

    Denyer – Yeah I agree its probably the whole management thing, what with the band being signed to an American label an’ all…

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