Midweek Updates

*Woohoo* a working, un-charged interwebnet connection aaahhh *g*. For about 4 hours until I go on holiday for a week. Grrrrrr…. I believe mr Denyer is in charge right now, so you’re all in good hands. The same can’t quite be said for The Crimea’s tour manager who’s currently doing their best to confuse everyone…
Regina SpektorSo now they’re off to the US to play with Keane and, believe it or not, Regina Spektor (who’m I mentioned here on 29/7/04, and you all know what happens to female foreigners supporting the crimea, whos musical abilities are then hailed as godlike by myself, yes? Ask Julz, and be prepared a bit of vodka in that jag, eh? :o D I can dream….) And yes, although not mentioned on any other websites, you can pretty much count on the band turning up at Ft. Lauderdale, Houston and Dallas. They’re the kinda gigs you just don’t cancel, leaving poor boys on their own in the middle of nowhere for two days with shag all to do cept eat subways and watch the starlings but I ain’t bitter ooohh nooo… *ahem*…..
Curtosey of Adria Petty, The Crimea’s new arty smarty best buddy kinda person, some new pics. Taken during the band’s music video shoot on the lightship Frying Pan in NY among other things, there should also be a copy of the actual video on there sometime, whenever they decide to make it public.
Another thing being kept under wraps is the album which, contrary to various e-tailers, is probably gonna be out around September. Come back next week and that’ll say October. Just buy the EP already ;o)
This might be nothing (other than a new entry for the compilations page) but err… “white russian galaxy: forthcoming CD”?!? Oh how I love rumours. And never ending re-releases; it’s like we never left 2002.
Oh oh I fixed something *g* The mailing list signup (on the left) now works, so (un)subscribe away.
Right, I’m off to eat, pack and go. If anything breaks, blame Denyer.
- Christopher

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