Cancelled gigs.

Just incase you got your hopes up, The Crocketts are not playing at The Boat Race, or rather they may be but it’s not the real crocks, and don’t bother turning up at the Dublin Castle unless you just wanna wander around Camden all night.
If you’re confused, I had a couple of unconfirmed gigs up on the gigs page, but the one in Cambridge isn’t The Crimea, although it is someone called The Crocketts who have nothing to do with The Crimea, and the one in Dublin Castle in Camden isn’t happening. So don’t go to either.
Although do go to one of the Barfly venues in London, Cardiff, Sheffield or Glasgow when The Crimea tour them in November.

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3 Responses to “Cancelled gigs.”

  1. Denyer says:

    According to some guy by the name of Jon at the MTH board, what’s left of the Crocketts will be playing Sept 28th in Aber, at Rummers. If it happens, my advice is get there early, ’cause Rummers is usually packed at the best of times… =)

  2. Christopher says:

    Thanks to that some guy named Jon I may be able to go :o D If I did I can either get there 2 hours early and look for the crox or 6 hours early and run around aber scaring people. How soon does it start filling up? Thanks for the link on the MTH site. Have you got your CD yet?
    Look on the gigs page for any other gigs.

  3. Denyer says:

    Yeah, arrived yesterday thanks! Something to sort through when I’m back at uni — this week is being incredibly chaotic! Cheers again! =)

    Oh, and it’ll be a Saturday night, so I wouldn’t wait too long… it’s a small place (you’ll be able to hear everything clearly from a good distance, though!) Does a nice selection of in-house flavoured vodkas… and there are loads of other pubs in Aber to kill time in…

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