Back From The Grave

Well, Aber ain’t that bad, but at least I have internetness back :o D and what a time to go on holiday :o \
As Amy mentioned earlier (though the post’s now been changed due too err.. technical problems…), Adria Petty’s stuck up a ten minute electronic press kit (EPK) video she directed which includes clips of numerous music videos and home video footage the band took of themselves. You can currently find it here on her website and no doubt it’ll appear elsewhere later.
JoeThe official site’s photo gallery has been.. erm.. widely expanded. It’s now bigger than this wasp I was attacked by at my nan’s house (a foot long, easily). As well as loads of the pics from the tour that I posted up here, it’s also got loads of new promo shots including the only decent shot of Joe ever (he’s not that pretty I’m sure). But most amusing? The band’s profile. “Sex: Female. Age: 10″. Who knew?
Messages for the band up on the official message board (I think that’s the official one anyways). So other than me and Denyer moaning about stuff, that’d be the first ever post on there then.
Now I’m off to see what else I missed, I’ll be back once I’ve found out the album’s been released (*crosses fingers*… *tightly*…).
Damn, no album. Aannd, no F1 race? You leave for a week and the world goes mad… So if any of you Americans are gutted at the impending prospect of a lackluster grand prix in about 30 mins then never mind, get along to the Crimea gig in New Orleans tomorrow (details below). They never cancel their shows *ahem*.

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  1. Denyer says:

    > The band’s profile. "Sex: Female. Age: 10". Who knew?

    "Yes sir, I said slowly to myself. I have the soul of a teenage girl in the body of an elderly dope fiend. No wonder they can’t understand me."

    Neat video find by Amy. For anyone who’s not watched it yet, it’s ten minutes and about 11Mb — so not great quality but you can get an impression of things. Worth a gander.

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