Davey’s Blog Update

The world needs a pause button. STOP DOING STUFF ALREADY! My fingers are sore :o (
“Before a gig, I don’t eat anything for a few hours, do a bit of stretching, have eight cups of coffee, clear my throat, put super glue all over my fingers, raise my heckles in the mirror ,then think about my childhood, before i learned how shit the world is. We warm up our vocals, and I listen to my brothers music, have a quick smoke on the way to the stage, and hope to god they like you.”
Want more, including exclusive Crimea lyrics? Check out Davey’s latest blog entry on the band’s MySpace profile.

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4 Responses to “Davey’s Blog Update”

  1. sean roy says:

    hi, i saw the crimea at the Keane show in Houston, TX, and managed to talk to the singer after the show was over. I told him i was from New Orleans, LA, and he informed me that they were playing at One Eyed Jack’s in the French Quarter tonight. I’m trying to get a bunch of my friends to go with me, but the show isn’t on One Eyed Jack’s calendar, or yours.
    so do you know if there actually is a show or not?

  2. Christopher says:

    there’s deffinately a show there, i’ve not heard of any cancelations or anything. i had a look at one eyed jack’s site earlier and they don’t seem to have many gigs listed, so not surprising the crimea one isnt listed. the reason it’s not on here is i’ve been away for a couple weeks and only just got back, so i’ve got hundreds of updates to do and i recon there’s not much point putting up a proper listing for the gig when it’s happening in about an hour (so geddown there asap ;o)
    - Christopher ( webmaster)

  3. Christopher says:

    of course you’d be 6 hours behind us, wouldn’t you *slaps head*

  4. Denyer says:

    > put super glue all over my fingers

    Davey doesn’t like picks, I take it? ;-)

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