Another Day, Another Site, Another Bollocking

Well I was gonna save this til the official site was a bit more popular but if I leave it any longer I’m gonna have a news post the size of an essay (some would say the size of the bollocking I’m gonna get for doing this) to write. First of all though, this is The Crimea \\ Underground, a FANSITE dedicated to the band I love. You can view the band’s official website at WWW.THECRIMEA.NET and there’s a nice little logo on the left to remind you all of that. But from this day forward (or at least until tomorrow evening when Owen castrates me) you can come here for all manner of Crimea info, general music updates and all manner of other crap I wish to post. Check out this little popup thing for more site based info. And if you’re having problems with the horrible old black/blue/white style coming back to haunt you, try using the refresh button. Now lets see if I can get the rest of the news done before midnight…

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  1. Denyer says:

    Personally I’d prob’ly extend that CD bit for the US TR to "Re-Recorded, Re-Mixed, Re-Released, New Material!" ;-)

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