First up, all manner of CD reviews, mostly of Lottery Winners On Acid. Click more to read em all.
The Vinyl Mine blog reviews it as part of a Best Of SXSW article and compares it to a tasty brownie. Think that’s funny? Wait for the other posts I’ve got coming up this evening…
Kyle Paul from Inside Pulse recomends it for you yanks who like doing it in the back of cars. Meh, that’s just asking for one of these: “Eh, dirty boy…”
Meanwhile Melissa de la Cruz, someone you loyal readers of Seventeen and Cosmo Girl mags may have heard of (she wrote a few books, like), would prefer to keep it to the honeymoon. And before you ask, there is a difference.
For a bit of variety, Uncertain Principles have a review of the White Russian Galaxy single, which they like cos it’s cheap. Much like my jokes.
And Read Magazine have the very first review of the US Tragedy Rocks album I’ve seen. Which they hate. Now that’s variety for you. Start as you mean to go on, eh lads? Shoot me now. At least they don’t have the NME in the US… do they?

Best of SXSW, Part Dive

Part five (or part 2 of Friday) from SXSW’s massive collection of free and legal MP3s. These are the ones I’m a keepin:

Lottery Winners on Acid” – The Crimea – Puppy love is like a drug too. The song captures that thought perfectly if not literally. If you could eat songs, this would be a tastey brownie.

Review by Jim H for Vinyl Mine

KDP’s Ultimate Summer Mix

11. Lottery Winners on Acid – The Crimea - I don’t have any particular reason for liking this band or even this song, but when you need something to hum when you’re in the backseat, looking up at the stars and holding onto that girl you love oh so much, this one’s pretty good.

Review by Kyle David Paul for Inside Pulse.

Meet Melissa de la Cruz – the cool author of the “au pair” series (and more…)

My iPod playlist: Time is Running Out” – Muse (dark and sexy, inspiration for my new book), “Boyz-in-the-Hood” – Dynamite Hack (sooo funny), “Lottery Winners on Acid”- The Crimea (really sweet, a great first-dance-at-the-wedding song), “Yeah!” – Usher (gets me dancing around my apartment), “Let’s get it started” – Black Eyed Peas (ditto). I’m a big advocate of dancing around one’s apartment.

Interview from the Teen Mag website.

Singles of the Moment

I thought I’d offer a slightly more serious pop-culture thread by highlighting some of the tracks that are in particularly heavy rotation in Chateau Steelypips at the moment.

“White Russian Galaxy,” by the Crimea. Another power-pop gem. I have no idea what it’s about, but it’s hard not to sing along with the chorus. The album (Lottery Winners on Acid– more of an EP really) is kind of uneven (there’s one song with really dreadful Streets-style spoken-word verses), but it’s cheap.

Review from the Uncertain Principles blog.

The Crimea
Tragedy Rocks
Pretty, multi-textured lullaby pop with piano, jangly guitars, organs, and strained vocals that sound like that corny 90s grunge band that did “Runaway Train.” The lyrics and songwriting are thoughtful, while maintaining a 60s pop feel. Unfortunately, the music lacks the power of rock. Smoother than a baby’s bottom but just as smelly.
Warner Bros.

Review from the READ Magazine website.

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