Bored Of The Crimea?

‘Course you ain’t, but here’s some news on other bands you should deffinately check out.
As well as The Crimea, I’m also a huge Sleeper fan, and as such often get the urge to force their music upon others. Which would be why I’ve stuck all of these lot online for download. If you’ve not heard Alice In Vain yet it’s a must.
Julz ParkerProject Winterhaven. Who the hell? Frontwoman Julz Parker was The Crimea’s lead guitarist for over half a year, and brought the band to the attention of many who’d have otherwise ignored them. She left to continue work with PJW in Australia, and they now have a new album coming up, aswell as some new MP3s up for download on their official site.
The Vanden Plas. Now we’re really getting obscure. Founder Richard Reynolds made a dance remix of Baby Boom (which I’m hoping to stick up for download shortly) and anyways, he recently had a load of vinyls nicked by some no good sarf london lot. So if you see any of his Santa Margherita records, a 1969 MGB GT (reg OCK 143H) or a victorian chest of drawers being sold (likely) then get in contact with him via his website.
Davey’s brother Rod MacManus has gained a new fan, featuring on the Hairy Tales blog (look for the big green shamrock). Gaelic speakers enjoy Cealtra An Tra while it confuses the rest of us.

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