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Davey And LindaThe Crimea are constantly updating the photo blog on their official website so check it out to see what they’ve been up to during their support of Billy Corgan, you might even spot yourself. That’s Davey and Corgan’s keyboard player Linda Strawberry on the right, who is still updating her own blog on the tour.
One MySpace blogger got backstage with The Crimea during one of the support shows and wrote about his experience right here.
Debut Crimea album Tragedy Rocks (out Sep. 05) made it onto Filter Magazines weekly recomendations list last week but I’m a bit slow with the old copy and paste, so instead click more or visit the Filter Mag site for their review of the Webster Hall gig.
The gig at the Gypsy Ballroom was reviewed by Dallas Music Guide while the band also get a small mention on Pioneer Press’ review of the Vic Theatre gig.
I said they were getting big in Japan, and Warner Music Japan’s website features a review of the Lottery Winners On Acid EP. In Japanese. Obviously.
And here’s a mention of the band on their publisher Nuxx’s website. Sorry I removed your logo, boys. *Runs*

July 10, 2005 ? Sunday


I just got back from Dallas just a few hours ago. I went because I was invited to see Billy Corgan live, plus there was a good chance that I was going to get to meet him. So I told at work that I was not going to go Friday, and I was going to make up that day Sunday, and drove the four hours to get there. The way we got in and meet the band was through the opening band, The Crimea, even when Billy’s own manager put us on the guest list.

We (Jagi and I) were waiting for them and got inside their smelly van when they got there. A bunch of London guys were in it. I always get kinda quite when I’m among people who are going somewhere in the music business. I guess I don’t want to give the impression I just want to meet them for the benefit of my own band. These guys were awesome and treated us very well. None of them were pretentious or assholes, they were just a bunch of nice guys. We got inside the venue just when Billy finished his sound check and I got to shake his hand while Jagi exchanged a couple of words with him, and besides the fact that he was extremely tall and extremely white (I always thought it was make up) he seemed an OK guy who probably was a little paranoid like any super celebrity that has a million people staring at them checking out every little step they make. It was hard to look at him in the eye, but he didn’t look at me either. He took off to have dinner, and we hung around and got to talk a little bit with one of his keyboard players, Linda Strawberry, who looked yummy and seemed very cool. Suddenly, I was craving strawberries… Once she left we went to the backstage room of The Crimea.

I don’t know why but I got a very good vibe from these guys. I enjoyed their sense of humor and enthusiasm. They shared their food and drinks, and even their laptops for us to check our MySpace accounts. I guess the most talkative was their keyboard player, Andrew, and we talked a little bit about music before he logged on to the band’s MySpace to try to recruit people to go their next gig in El Paso, which they were playing without Billy Corgan. I got to admit that the first time I saw The Crimea I didn’t get it, maybe because I went to see Ash, and was expecting music like that. I thought they were some Christian band from the middle of America playing neo-country music. The singer, Davey, and the guitar player, Andy, move in a way where they seem they are having convulsions or some kind of epileptic attack. This makes the show very bizarre, but at the same time cool to look at, because of the contrast between the chaos of the performance and the nice sweet melodies make you think: what the fuck is going on? Fifteen minutes before they went onstage the bass player, Joseph, grabbed an acoustic guitar and started to play the songs, and Davey and Andrew started singing their parts while all the band was getting dressed and ready to play. That was very nice and it felt very human. You could feel how the tension was building to the point were it got uncomfortable and Jagi and I left the room and went to the VIP section to see them play. It was cool we were allowed in the VIP cause the place was fucking packed as shit with over a twelve hundred people there. This time, I got The Crimea! The reaction of the audience was kinda lame toward them at first, but as the show went on more and more people got into it, but there was still many who didn’t have a clue of what was happening. I think that in the end these guys rocked even when the audience for Billy was probably expecting something different out of the opening act. But hey! they sold like 60 CDs, so I guess they can’t complain. After they played, the second opening act played, but I don’t even remember their name. They were OK, I guess. Then Billy, who had this awesome super screen behind the band showing beautiful colors and shapes. They people loved him. The crowd was louder than him, and it was pretty obvious he was moved by it. Since I still haven’t heard his album, it was hard for me to understand the songs. There were good ones, and some that were OK, but my favorite song they played was the very last one: an AC DC cover (it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll!) with flames on the screen! It fucking rocked the house hard! It didn’t sound like AC DC at all, and I wish the whole album was like that, because it would have been a classic. During the show several members of The Crimea came to hang out with us, and we talked about many things, including the chicks from Dallas vs. the chick from Houston, music: Placebo, Kasabian, The Raveonettes, the British press, etc, etc, etc. After the show, Billy came out to meet a few of his fans. The Crimea had been drinking since they got there, and the drummer, Owen, and Andrew were talking to these cute chicks who were probably nineteen, but looked like they were sixteen, hehe, until Owen mentioned that Andrew was dating his sister, which made him just leave without word, and Owen kept both for himself, hahahaha. That was really funny, but I guess Andrew got a little upset. They seem to be like brothers, so I guess that was no major deal. Soon after that the guys had to leave for El Paso, and we had to go to the hotel and sleep cause we were fucking tired. I wanna thank The Crimea for the good times, and I wish them the best, and if they are not assholes, then they’ll probably leave a fucking comment on this blog. All of you should check their songs on their MySpace account and support this band cause they are really cool and make great music.

Perhaps this is not the most interesting or funny blog I have written, but what the fuck, who fucking cares, only like three people really read them anyway.

Review by CE54R from his MySpace blog.

Billy Corgan
Webster Hall
Filter Grade: 84%

So it was a suitably grim day, the kind that is impossible to tell morning from evening. Swells of grey clouds sweat deliberate ruffles of plaster-smelling city rain, as I waited in line, comparing tastes and scars with other urgently slight misfits.

Seeing your hero entails unfair expectations. You consider them godly for so many instances they made you feel the same way, and so their sweat surprises you; muddy sound, littered cups, and every imperfection seem all the more inapt. Corgan is my favorite artist of any kind and, written with penitent professionalism, not an especial live performer.

After an intense set of shattered art-pop by The Crimea (think a poetically-schizophrenic Coldplay), the stage was set-and intently so- for Billy?s entrance. Some futuristic shell-like alien pods stood as instruments. With James Iha likely being shy at another extravagant club, there stood only one guitar stand. I don?t much buy this “doing my own thing” humility–Corgan is trying to change music, again. Hard soloing over industrial has been done, but debut solo album TheFutureEmbrace has much deeper restraint and pop sensibility than Joe Satriani or contemporary Jeff Beck.

Review by Tom Birner for Filter Magazine.

Billy Corgan
@ Gypsy Ballroom

Before breathing life back into The Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan is cleansing his soul and using a handful of intimate shows to exorcise any lingering demons. The Future Embrace is the only solo album released by Corgan since disbanding the Pumpkins and pulling the plug on the short-lived Zwan. Trading anger and dispair for love and hope, the man who sold us on darkness is now finding his way back into the light.

Crimea ventured onstage and did their best to appease the anxious audience and suppress the evening’s heat with some refreshing tunes. The silly and spastic band members proved that they take their music very seriously. Taking turns on vocals, the back and forth harmonies blended seamlessly to accommodate the layers of guitars that echoed through the air. Sounds of toy instruments and nursery rhyme melodies left me wondering if Robert Smith of The Cure knows what these guys are up to.

Review by Josh Martinez for Dallas Music Guide.


あのジョン・ピールも絶賛したUKニュー・カマーが遂にフル・アルバム・デビュー!!「ジョン・ピール・セッション」で日本でも有名なBBCの名DJ、ジョン・ピールが昨年亡くなる直前に、このアルバムに収録されている「Lottery Winners On Acid」を「ここ数年の中で一番良い曲のひとつ」と評し、また「Baby Boom」が、BBCのRADIO1のファン投票でTOP10に入るなど、地元UKでザ・フレーミング・リップス、マーキュリー・レヴ、ザ・ピクシーズなどと引き合いにされるほど高い評価を得ている5人組、THE CRIMEAがUSデビュー!!発売中の5曲入りEPに続いて、フル・アルバムを今秋リリース予定。

クリミア / ロッタリー・ウィナーズ・オン・アシッド(EP)

LWOA review from


Our publishing company has three signings to date, all funded and administrated by Warner/Chappell UK:

* The Crimea a London-based guitar band who completed their debut album in March 2005. Perry Watts-Russell at Warner Brothers in LA signed The Crimea for records and their debut album Tragedy Rocks will be released in the US and UK in mid 2005.
* Nizlopi a folk hip hop duo from Leamington Spa. Nizlopi have their own independent label FDM. See for a magical site that tells you more about them than we could.
* Steve Ludwin a rock/pop songwriter. Click here for Steve’s biography.

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