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Mailing ListBoston and NYC shows
First time this has happened, two in a row. Hit more for details of the secret Boston show via MySpace.

Date: Jul 21, 2005 2:27 PM
Subject: Boston and NYC shows

Hello folks,

sorry for the bombarding mails, but we’ve got some sketchy details on the Boston show. It’s in a bowling alley, run by Smirnoff (free drinks ahoy!) and we’ll be playing. What else could you ask for? Not much…

You can come along by sticking this in the browser and following some instructions:

Also I know we’ve already told you about the New York show, but it’ll be amazing. You should join us if you possibly can. Here’s the details:

26 July – Mercury Lounge, New York (on at 9pm).

That’s it. See you soon hopefully.

The Crimea

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3 Responses to “Mailing List”

  1. ThePunctureBunny says:

    I didnlt get that one either :( I feel unloved!

  2. lizzyclean says:

    Okay, so I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for you guys to come to Boston and when you do I’m on fucking vacation on the west coast. You MUST come back. My life will not be fulfilled until I see you live. Seriously.

  3. Christopher says:

    heh. don’t feel too bad, once i weent on vacation somewhere specifically to see them play, then they cancelled the gig. fun. meh. they’ll be back in the US in september, to promote their new album i recon, so tourage everywhere. you;ll see em. in the mean time, go here and click "start sldeshow", top right. it’s almost as good as seeing em live.

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