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Ooo that title’s kinda neat actually… heh… err… so I’m checking out The Crimea’s MySpace profile this morning and this guy’s posted a link to his Crimea photo album. Now, usually I get excited about this kinda thing. Then I see the photo count for the album. 744 of the bad boys, taken during their support of Ash in 2004, KCRW session in New York and various other stuff. After spending a while wondering how the hell I was gonna look through them all, I eventually click the slideshow button and it all made sense. Until someone sneaks a camcorder into a gig, this is the next best thing. Not if you’re still on a 56k though. EDIT: forgot to mention, in the slideshow screen, click settings, and change the interval to 1 second. and if you get any security warnings just click yes.
A little more recent, here’s some shots by Martin Hough from the secret Smirnoff show in Boston.
KSU Sentinel have a review online of the Earthlink show supporting Billy Corgan who, funnily enough, it hardly mentions. Me recons someone’s on the WB payroll, eh? Click more, decide for yourself.

Crimea rocks Atlanta fans
Earthlink Live hosts London transplants

Published: Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Earthlink Live hosted a sold out show Wednesday as special guest Billy Corgan set out to promote his new solo album “The Future Embrace.” Fans poured in and ones fortunate enough to arrive early caught the first band of the night, The Crimea.

The Crimea is a group that has been working their way into the hearts of fans all across the globe. The London natives started their career with Warner Brothers Records in 2003, and their latest album “Tragedy Rocks” is bound to launch these guys into stardom. The Crimea was labeled ‘The Ones to Watch’ in 2004, and rightfully so. They have a style all their own. It is one that can be appreciated for its originality and intensity. Seeing everything brought to life on stage confirmed this is a group of talented individuals. Their performance at Earthlink Live was a spectacle to say the least.

After taking the stage, Davey MacManus [vocalist/guitarist] mumbled his British tinted greeting and began to make magic. His stage presence was so strong the crowd watched just to see what he was going to do next. As he sang, the way his body moved was enough to make the onlookers smile. Andy Norton [lead guitar] played his riffs perfectly while enjoying himself at the same time. It was obvious these guys are having a blast on this tour. After The Crimea completed their set, MacManus stumbled off stage in what appeared to be a state of exhaustion, after giving the crowd all he had.

Review by Sarah Goehler for the KSU Sentinel.

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  1. sarah says:

    where are they now? back here in the uk?

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