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FWIW, the gig at the Gallery is tonight. Owen likes to mail these things out in the middle of the night :o P

Sent : 10 August 2005 21:17:01
Subject : The Crimea – More News (hot off the press AND funny)

Dearest ffrindiau,

We’ll keep this (really) brief.

For all the goldfish on our mailing list (there’s a few – Elton John’s Koi Carp being the most famous). We’re playing a show TOMORROW. That’s 11th of August at:

The Gallery, 491 Grove Green Road, Leytonstone.

It’s 50 yards from the tube, easy to get to and we’ll be done in enough time for you to get home. It’s ?5 and, honestly, it isn’t as far as you think.

We can also announce the opening of
It’s our brand new site, it looks great, has home movies by us on it, Davey’s blog etc. It’s so good it’s taken us 6 months to get it approved – by Warners, by us, by our designers, by The Pope, by Mickey Rourke, by Victor Meldrew, by Ron Jeremy, by Keith Richards… everyone. Seriously. Now check the goods out. It rocks (and not in a tragic way).

We can also annouce the unleasing of: ‘The Crimea: Live At St Louis’. So far it’s in two parts, the first instalment (spread over four songs) is now on our MySpace site ( It was recorded on the Billy Coorgan tour and is a testament to the old adage: ‘when you put arena rockers in an arena, you get arena rock’.

So that’s it. Not that brief after all. Very sorry.

See you tomorrow.

The Crimea

The following is the band’s latest MySpace bulletin with much the same info. But.. three months? Hehehehe… sure… in your head, like…

From: The Crimea
Date: Aug 11, 2005 9:30 AM
Subject: Hello from The Crimea (again)

hey hey,

Just a quick note to say our new website: has now gone live.
It’s taken just under three months and is possibly the most approved website in history. We’ve had to get approval from Warners, our designers, us, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, The Pope, our parents, Henry Ford, margaret Thatcher, William Pitt, George Washington, Keith Richards, Freddie Mercury… everyone. Apparently it was tough to get hold of some of these people. Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses…

The other thing, for people who saw us on the billy Corgan tour (or not), we have a live recording of our St Louis show up on our page. It’s the first half of the show at the moment, the second half will appear in a few days and then the whole thing will appear on Now’s your chance to re-live the tour – hook the computer up to a stereo, invite a few hundred friends into your room and dance away like it was June/July 2005. Nice.

That’s all for now. Love as always.

The Crimea

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