Davey Crockett

Losing passages of time, like there’s no tomorrow. closing doors on fingers. remember, don’t forget walls have ears. revel in honesty. at all times. don’t be a prick. think. think. there are things in life that are enjoyable. I just have to stop asking questions. don’t practise what I preach. I built my house on the beach. I hate people. I hate the concept of being a person. the idea of aesthetically conforming, the fact I am actually bothered about this, the fact other people are. when I was younger I fantasised about wrecking my face somehow. in order to take myself out of the equation, so I didnt care anymore, I think I’d read too many books about burnt world war two pilots falling in love with their nurses, in fact the book is called ” the long haired boy” anyhow, the concept of not having a face is appealing. the concept of caring about what faces look like is plain rude. – Davey MacManus.
Taken from his MySpace blog. And I’ve only ever met two people who could’ve written that paragraph. Never though Davey Crockett would be one of them. Meh… Happy thoughts… Can you say Britpop? BBC 4 can, all bloody evening, tomorrow from 8.30pm. Go buy a freeview box already.

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