Lyrics from Joe.

Well as I’m so bad at this figuring out lyrics stuff, Joe’s helped me out :o ) thankyou. Click [more] to see the email he just sent me.

Hey Chris, I was just looking at your lyrics page and I can tell you what
those missing lyrics are if you want them;

Fred Flintstone
We’re all red indians
We love our water

I guess I was a little prehistoric pumpkin,
your place this afternoon.
I guess you just weren’t interested
in getting drunk and trying to start a baby boom.

Who Knows
You talk like a fish
Nonsensical bubbles
And blow the word ‘bitch’
Through your smoke-ring.

Later dude


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5 Responses to “Lyrics from Joe.”

  1. Sam says:

    Off the top of my head, I’m sure it’s
    "We’re all red indians, we love fire water"

    This fits in better as it’s a song about "Getting drunk and starting a baby boom." And Red Indians called fire water. Unless I’m wrong of course….

  2. Christopher says:

    Well, as mr joe is in the band, i’m gonna go with his lyrics. But if you can help me out with any other songs, email me the lyrics. bye bye.

  3. Joe Udwin says:

    Hey guys, well yeah it’s a bit emabarassing really. I’ll investigate this further…

  4. Joe Udwin says:

    yep sam the man from the wutang clan is right….
    "we’re all red indians, we love fire water."

  5. JIm says:

    Today is a very happy day. I’ve been confused by the dissapearance of the crocketts and been trying to find out what had happened to them. althougyh they are no more its good to see Davey and Owen back with a new band, so thankyou for your site you’ve made my year. Oh and just thought i’d let you know that the missing words in your Utopia lyrics are ‘ in a sensamilia haze’ and not ‘in a sense of ?’. Hope this has been some help, keep up t5he good work.

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