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Album release rumours abound, not content with having a single ever-changing release date there’s now two; one for the US release and one for the UK. It’s still early 2006 for the US but mentioned on this site’s message board is mid-october for the UK one. Yeah, sure… Jagermeister cap for whoever spots one in the shops first (scan of receipt’ll do).
The Crimea are on another compilation CD. You can pick this one up free with copies of Filter Magaine, or check out the PSSST! Summer 2005 website for more details and streams of each track on the CD.
Over on the official website’s message board, rogerh2o found some Bombay Sapphire Coma tab at Dunno where the rest of it is, unless it really is the simple.
The band are also mentioned on Curt Mangan’s Fusion Matched guitar strings website. Apparently they use em. Probably not Owen though, who’s the only one pictured. Hit T for an even smaller than usual Owen, and a link back here. Obviously some still think I’m an official site. I’m not. Rah.
Jon Birch’s photos of the Gallery show have been uploaded to the images page. Why do they never have bubbles at the gigs I go to?
And hopefully I’ve solved the wee problems I had with this blog yesterday. If the site goes down at all in the near future then this news program is prolly why, and no doubt I’ll be back within a couple days.

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  1. BabyBoomer says:

    Will there be any difference between the UK and US versions of the album?

  2. Christopher says:

    shouldn’t be, just a different bar code/cat number, if that.

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