Tragedy Rocks

Don’t have much for you today, just a single Tragedy Rocks review. At least it’s a good one. Click more or visit the New Beats site to see what they say.
Speaking of which, CD Universe have the album listed for what we in the UK like to call a fiver. ‘Course here, we pay that for penny sweets. And is about how much you’d bet on that release date being right.
Just noticed the band’s a featured artist over at Curt, keep refreshing til you see the boys in blue.
O’er in the Big Easy the gap’s blocked and the waters receding, so here’s to the House That Used To Be A Ship. Oh how they wish they were. That’s for all of you who weren’t around when Murry The Hump were. No I’m not taking the piss, just taking advantage. I still assume the lack of recent hits is to the greatness of the official site.
BESTIVAL! Tomorrow, Crimea, JD stage, 9.30, no water, etc…

The Crimea
Tragedy Rocks
Warner Bros.

The Crimea has a refined pop sound, not unlike Weezer, but with less of Rivers Cuomo’s desperation to make his much touted pop song formula produce an endless cadre of hits. The best method for producing good songs still seems to be playing music you love with passion and drive, and (sure, why not?) talent. With payola scandals running amok-and finally explaining why we’re hearing some of this garbage-its nice to hear a band like The Crimea come along and play with earnest gusto. Pop guitars, often backed by a dreamy little melody on the piano, comprise most of the songs on this album. The vocals quakes with sorrow on some tunes and is that sarcasm? There is a clever little touch of self-mocking for some of the more melodramatic moments described in the lyrics. This is the kind of album that sounds like a one-band soundtrack to a movie you’d like to be a character in.

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2 Responses to “Tragedy Rocks”

  1. Denyer says:

    > I still assume the lack of recent hits is to the greatness of the official site.

    The one I’ve been avoiding like every site that plays embedded sound without asking… and an ongoing gripe about ilovedust: it should not be fucking easier to hit View Source to read the content than to grapple with DHTML sliders.

    Incidentally, any idea where these websites [ pick up / apply for ] review copies of albums?

  2. Christopher says:

    never figured that one out. in the past, i’d say they just came across davey in a camden pup giving out demos. now, try warner’s press dept, address here.

    How can I get review copies of WBR music and/or artist contacts for my magazine/media outlet?

    You should contact our Publicity Department. Please send a copy of your publication along with circulation information and a cover letter to the following address:

    Publicity Dept.
    c/o Warner Bros. Records Inc.
    3300 Warner Blvd.
    Burbank, CA 91505

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