Don’t Do It, Don’t Do It

Continuing their quest to play your home town while you’re not there; The Crimea have released their October UK tour dates on their official website. Included is my home town, York, while I’m at uni in Aber, Mr Jon’s home town London while he’s at uni in Bristol, no doubt the Puncture Bunny’ll be out of Leicester on Nov. 14th… Meh, at least Lucifer should get a look in. If you do know anyone in town for any of these dates, leave a comment. No one else does anymore…
TR US UK CoverAlso, please leave a comment if you know a better title than Tragedy Rocks (US) (UK) for what’s turning out to be a very different release from the one the yanks are getting. See that on the right? It ain’t Davey standing on a log in the middle of New Orleans a big pond, oh no, it’s some new album artwork. Check the band’s official photo blog for the bigger picture. Oh, and this: Charismatic gap-toothed Davey is, once more, charismatic gap-toothed Davey!! Obviously Andy S. just noticed this too.
Random piece of vaguely inresting music for the day: something I found via The Love Bus’s (see: J. Parker) website. A clip of Fly by Lecia. I’ve chopped off the first half cos, frankly, it drags on a bit. But the second half rocks. Check out her official site for the full video for the song, and clips of god knows what else. Which reminds me, only two days left to enter the Project Winterhaven competition. And trust me when I say all entrants currently stand a very large possibility of winning stuff.
And while we’re at the useless link stage, if you’ve got access to the Discovery Channel then please watch American Chopper in about 25 minutes. Really, that plug was just an excuse for me to do this: Oohhhohohhhh, YES! …. Never mind…

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3 Responses to “Don’t Do It, Don’t Do It”

  1. monkeyfish says:

    the official site has their dates the American way round, fook that.

    also christopher, more Murry the Hump for download! Liking what I’m hearing… (shame I was about 12 at the time they were about)

  2. Christopher says:

    >>also christopher, more Murry the Hump for download!

    what… really? someone actually listened to that stuff? heh. mail me at and i’ll send back some choice cuts.

    >>shame I was about 12 at the time they were about

    yeah, sucks that all my favourite bands split up almost before i knew who they were.

  3. Denyer says:

    > Liking what I’m hearing…

    Yeah, "Songs of Ignorance" and the last two singles are good stuff IMNSHO. If you’re into collecting, you can pick up the album for about five quid on Amazon Marketplace;

    "Cracking Up" and "Don’t Slip Up" come up pretty often on eBay.

    (I reckon it flows a bit better sequenced as; Valley Girl, Colouring Book, Five, Vodka And Wine, Travel, Thrown Like A Stone, The House That Used To Be A Ship, Green Green Grass, Booze And Cigarettes, Cracking Up, New Deal, Don’t Slip Up, Pigs On Parade, No Girl, No Sex, Kebab Or Shag.)

    GGG, B&C and New Deal’d be my faves.

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