Fuck. Me.

TR US Out NowFor those of you who’ve been here a while, you’ll also have been following the ever changing release date for The Crimea’s new album. From an early 2005 release to an early 2006 release, it wasn’t looking good. Apparently the UK version should be out next month but for the three extra tracks on the US version you were looking at a longer wait. Not anymore. Tragedy Rocks V.2 US has just been released to iTunes and Yahoo! Music’s download engines. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Yes, US fans can now get their hands on the full album for only $9.27 (?5). The rest of the world, on the other hand, may have to wait a while longer. iTune’s is refusing to even list the album to anyone outside the US, and even though Yahoo! Music Engine users can not only view the album details but also listen to 30 second clips of each track, unfortunately it seems that’s all, as I’m getting some weird “error code: 8″ after entering credit card details and it’s refusing to charge me and give me the damn songs. Eh well. Someone may want to inform Warners and any other record label that this shall only go to further the trade in illigal MP3s due to eager rest-of-world fans wanting to hear the thing. Realy, it’s not hard to hit record in a WAV recording program and convert the outcome to fully unliecensed MP3s. So if anyone in the US would care to oblige, the address is
UPDATE: Seems loads of online music download stores have the album up, and have done since the 13th, but still no luck for us non-US citizens. Your best bet is to find a technically savy American for a copy, or wait until the CD release. But if you do have the pleasure of living in States, try Wal-Mart’s online store. No crazy program to download, and you can listen to clips straight from the site (and that goes for everyone, 14 x 30 second clips = 7 minutes of Crimea goodness even if we can’t get the whole thing). Also of note is the fact that every site seems to have preview clips from different parts of the songs. Now, I’m not suggesting anyone do this, but if you’re lucky you could just go round the different sites collecting clips, stick em together in a sound editing program and come up with a pretty much complete song/s. They may be of dubious, alternating quality and frankly sound like something pulled out a dustbin, but this desperate lowly english boy does not care one bit. Anyone up for it?
John Peel DayAnd if you’ve read the latest mail out (if you’ve not got it, sign up to the new mailing list on the official site), you’ll have noticed the list of UK tour dates grow even larger. The gigs page has never been so crammed with Crimea gig goodness. Included is a very special gig in the Enterprise, Camden (home to The Crimea’s very first three gigs) on October 13th to celebrate John Peel day. I’ve gotta go now and hit things, see if i can’t h4x0rz me a copy of the album. In the meantime, read this. highly amusing.

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8 Responses to “Fuck. Me.”

  1. Denyer says:

    > it’s not hard to hit record in a WAV recording program and convert the outcome to fully unliecensed MP3s.

    But it’s easier to burn the tracks to CD from iTunes, then rip the disc to MP3. And be sure to use "–alt-preset standard" to preserve quality when you do so, kids.

    Me, I like pressed CDs rather than trusting a harddrive with master copies. =)

    Do you want me to email you a copy of the Wal-Mart previews merged into one MP3 for the site?

  2. Christopher says:

    I prefer mine 6 months early, but whatever’s good for you :o )

    had the mp3 idea myself, then had a better one. seen the epk video yet?

  3. Denyer says:

    Oh, I’m sure it’ll turn up as MP3s on filesharing networks before those six months are up… probably much, much sooner. Which might highlight for labels how utterly fucking stupid it is to allow something into circulation that people can’t go out and pay money for a hard copy of. Reminds me of the first time we saw Murry The Hump, back when the Colouring Book EP was the best set of recordings you could buy…

    > seen the epk video yet?

    ^ That one?

  4. Christopher says:

    you’ll be damned if you can get any of the bands i like off itunes, least crimea are on there somewhere, even if i can’t get at it. though they have put most of the little blue crunchy things albums up. not the best one though :0P

    that one? no… not that one… the link to that one was removed from this site a long time ago, doesn’t even exist, figment of your imagination like. but once i get the go ahead it’ll be back. beautiful crimea vid mash up that it is.

  5. Christopher says:

    oh i love this article on microft’s play for sure branding.

  6. Nathan says: list tragedy rocks as available now. just bagged me a copy – estimated shipping date is tomorrow.

    cursor hovered over priority international courier shipping method for a few seconds. was $27 shipping worth it to get the album sooner? i thought not.

  7. Nathan says:

    while cduniverse has the release date as tomorrow (Sep 20). And it’s cheaper. And they have cheaper shipping.

  8. Christopher says:

    i think i need to a whole entry just to spell this out to people…

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