Project Winterhaven Comp Over

Don't Look At The MonkeyThe Project Winterhaven album givaway ended last night, and after countless entries (though I counted seven) you were all still in with an almost 50/50 chance of winning. Correct entries, which would be all of you, were stuck into a fancy wooden box thing, given the cocktail experience, and three picked out. The lucky winners have been notified by email (I shan’t name them, you can leave squeels of glee in the comments if you wish) and I’ll get the CDs to you ASAP. As for the rest of you, there’ll be another, even better competition along very shortly, and no doubt you’ll have just as much chance winning that one as this, so think twice before not entering. For the record, all entrants emails have been deleted, data protection stylee.

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2 Responses to “Project Winterhaven Comp Over”

  1. monkeyfish says:

    *squeals with glee*

    No, not really…

  2. S@L says:

    happy smiley faces all round here. with messers ROj and bon jurch having both won, thought it was bout stinking time i entered the winning circle!

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