Tragedy Rocks Release Date(s)

Aharr me harties.. no, pirate day was yesterday. Eh well. I’ve got to do the following as more than one of you has become a little confused.

Explanation: an eleven track, home recorded, home produced album by The Crimea called Tragedy Rocks was self released on the Klutz Inc/Animal Noise label on March 8th 2004 in CD format, featuring 11 tracks and a redish cover (tracklisting/cover shots here). It was only ever available either straight from the band, or from, but sold out towards the start of this year. You’ll only be able to get your hands on one via second hand stores online, or eBay (the last of which went for just over ?20).
In February this year, The Crimea re-recorded Tragedy Rocks with new band members, and was produced by Chris Shaw and Dennis Herring (tracklisting/cover shots here). The full 14 tracks from the album were released to online download stores last week. In CD format, the album will be available through Warner Brothers Records in the US with all 14 tracks and a silverish cover, and through Warner Brothers/Double Dragon Records in the UK with a reduced 11 tracks and a blueish cover. Neither of these CDs have yet been released, regardless of what online stores such as Amazon may say. This is partly due to a constantly slipping release date, and partly due to these stores having album info produced by monkeys. This will also cause album listings with wrong tracklistings, such as the UK version being listed with the US tracklisting, or the US version with the 2004 version tracklisting, etc. Basically, if you order the Warners released album from a UK store, it will arrive shortly after October 18th (unless the release is moved back again). If you order the Warners released album from a US store then it should arrive sometime early next year.
Hopefully that clears things up a bit. Appologies for the confusion, any complaints and I believe Warner Brothers have their own website…

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  1. Denyer says:

    > if you order the Warners released album from a UK store, it will arrive shortly after
    > October 18th (unless the release is moved back again

    I’m rather hoping it does get synched up… the more people buy the UK album then find out about the US one, the more people who’ll think twice about buying further releases.

    Otherwise it smells a bit like a cash-in exercise, doesn’t it? iTunes for "must have" purchasers, cut-down album to promote in the UK, secondary sales from US album later.

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