Bestival Smeshtival

After watching countless hours (about a days woth) of Reading, Leeds, V Festival, Glastonbury etc on TV over the past two years in hope of a non-existent glimse of The Crimea, I figured the chance of catching them on last night’s 1 1/2 hour Bestival coverage on Channel 4 was slim to none. So no surprise then that, while I’m tucked away in bed, The Crimea make their major UK TV debut. I’d swear if… ang on… S4C = crappier than 4… = schedules running a week later…. =…. WOOHOOO! In that case, The Crimea, Major TV Debut, S4C’s Bestival Coverage, Tursday 6th October, 4.05am. That’s middle of the night 4.30. Told you their schedule was crap. Betetr than nothing though, and for anyone who did catch it last night, anyone have a video capture card? Cos my VCR runs off a mono sound TV and my video capture card WOXY.comwebcam is at home.
Another thing I won’t be missing: online radio’s live(ish) Crimea session on Tuesday afternoon (4.00pm EDT, 8.00pm GMT). Owen seems to think it’s monday, WOXY’s website says otherwise.

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