WOXY Session

Rightyho; The Crimea just finished their live session on During a chilled out acoustic set they played Lottery Winners On Acid, Baby Boom, Howling At The Moon and Someone’s Crying. There was also an eight minute interview with the band where they spoke about their current tour, EP covers and the new album. Guess what? Release story part 23.8: The US album is available right now in American independent record stores. Officially though, it’s still out early 2006. Shoot me. Anyways, some of the session shall be up here in the coming days in MP3 form. And, the stream only cut out once, so I recon I can cut and paste the song back together with seemingly little difference. Yay for cut and paste. Gotta love how they followed up the session with a song from Ash. Touch of genious, really. And, Davey, woxthefux?!?
UPDATE: MP3s NOW AVAILABLE. Albeit just the talking stuff. You can safely leave the intro alone, but the interview’s a must and the outro for added effect.

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