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Tragedy Rocks. God knows what’s happening to the release date, and frankly I’m sure even he’s having trouble figuring it out. Basically, if you’re from the US or live online, you can saftely count it as released, albeit avilable from independent or online stores only in a simple cardboard sleeve. The cut down UK version should still be out October 17th, full US release next year.
Which is just enough time to foget what have to say about it. Not much, though about what you’d expect from a teen page about garfiled, zits, and articles such as “cat tries to escape governor in photo”. I’m thinking Britney would be more to the author’s taste. Luckily it’s subscribers only. Unluckily subscription is free.
Back to some proper journalism, have a small interview with Davey up as part of their preview to the 23rd’s Stone Pony gig.
joeNow it gets interesting. To promote the release of the UK album on October 17th, have a small review and links to two song downloads, the second of which being the non-album track Out Of Africa which may be of interest even to those of you with a copy.
Thanks to the genius that is Denyer, I bring to you a download link for the band’s first ever full music video Baby Boom. I’d love to bring you some screen shots too, but for some reason Power DVD won’t let me take any. Or skip position during it. You can blame Microsoft for that.
Instead, here’s a shot of Joe during the Revolution Hall gig, taken by Martin Hough. You can check out more of his photos from the gig and a few others on his ImageEvent page.

Crimea CD’s a tragedy

By CHRISTINA ANTHONY / Teen Correspondent Special to The Press-Enterprise

The Crimea’s new CD, “Tragedy Rocks,” begins with a delightful piano intro. The seventh track, “Here Comes The Suffering” should have been the second because that is where suffering began. At least it would have given us all a fair warning. The band has no style other than their raspy, exhausting vocals and unimaginative, narrowly distinguishable lyrics.

Ouch. If you’d like to read more teeny-bopper journalism by Christina Anthony, check out

What you see is what you get

When Crimea showcased at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, six months ago, it was difficult to look away from frontman Davey MacManus. As his bandmates cranked out dark but melodic rock songs, the charismatic singer commanded the crowd’s attention due to his intensity.

“I am what I am,” MacManus said. “I’m never going to be one of those performers who makes jokes and gets friendly with the audience. I’ll also never pretend to be someone that I’m not to get ahead. With me, what you see is what you get.”

The Irishman still is reeling from his band’s opening slot on Billy Corgan’s summer tour. Crimea appreciated performing in front of 3,000 Corgan fans each night.

“It was a strange experience but a good one for us,” said MacManus. “I thought we would be playing in front of 85-year-old fans, but we were looking out at 16-year-olds, and it was good to get a chance to perform in front of them.”

Performing tonight at The Stone Pony, Crimea is touring behind its debut disc, “Tragedy Rocks.”

“What we’re doing is a bit different,” MacManus said. “It’s not like so much of this saccharine, empty rock that is out there now. We’re trying to come up with songs that have some substance.”

Article by Ed Condran for the Asbury Park Press.

The Crimea

The Crimea 2 free MP3 downloads

The CrimeaWarner Brother Records are set to release The Crimea’s debut album ?Tragedy Rocks? on the 17th of October. Originally from Wales The Crimea are fronted by ex-Crockett frontman and part-time poet Davey McManus. ?Tragedy Rocks? has been described as “a lush and lacerating collection of edgy and melodic cocktails sweetened by sonic ambition and spiked with frontman Davey McManus? debauched, bitter-funny tales of mean streets, meaner romance, good gin and not-so-good times.”

One of The Crimea?s first breaks came when Davey spotted Fran Healy of Travis and passed him a demo. A week later The Crimea opened for Travis at Brixton Academy. Kings Of Leon were also suitably impressed with The Crimea and also offered them a support slot.

In anticipation for the release of the album ?Tragedy Rocks? has 2 free downloads to offer you, ‘White Russian Galaxy’ and ‘Out of Africa’, just to get those taste buds tingling!!

‘White Russian Galaxy’
‘Out of Africa’

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  1. Denyer says:

    > I’d love to bring you some screen shots too, but for some reason Power DVD won’t let me take any.

    You want screenshots? Grab a copy of Media Player Classic (it’s available as part of this bundle: or from SourceForge.)

    View > Options > Output > DirectShow Video > VMR9 (Windowed)

    That’ll let you get screenshots with something like XNView.

    Remember to switch it back to System Default for use as a normal media player afterwards…

  2. Denyer says:

    Hmm, I think I prefer Out of Africa with less separation — the original has more intensity to it and simpler lyrics.

  3. Denyer says:

    Not bad though… the new lyrics are less likely to be misunderstood, too.

  4. monkeyfish says:

    Good stuff. That version of Out of africa HAS to be the opening track on the next album, otherwise its a huuuuge travesty (see me stealing words from the song there. I’m observant fnarr)

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