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So much to get through, I don’t know where to start. Probably with the 20+ Crimea related emails I was sent over the weekend. Mostly by one person. Revenge shall be mine…
But first, two of you emailed me about this: a section on The Crimea in Warner Brother’s Rock News mailshot, mainly a list of tour dates. Hit more to see the article.
Another nameless Inaudible fan pointed me towards the Boston Globe for a preview of the band’s TT The Bear’s show. Someone should tell the Globe’s webmaster that if they want people to pay subscriptions to read articles, don’t give em the whole text in the search results. Ah well, hit more if you still can’t be bothered.
Yet another article on the Out Of Africa download comes from Crud Magazine who inject their version with a bit of history.
Here’s something Davey mentioned in his latest blog entry; The Sunday Time’s article on The Crimea. If you can’t be bothered signing up for free then by all means, hit more.
The gig dates have changed again. Out go Sheffield and Birmingham and in comes Newcastle. Check out all the change right here. There’s some special Christmas show at some point too.
Also in need of mention is Dermot O’Leary who, on September 24th, played White Russian Galaxy during his BBC Radio 2 show (see Google’s cache and also, I’ve figured out why I’m sent straight to the US version of the official site half the time. Seems takes you stright there, while sends you to the region selection (with being the UK version). Or you could just stick around here, but I’m getting mighty busy so it might be a while before I post important news.


The Crimea are back from the States and about to embark on their massive ‘Tragedy Rocks’ UK tour, so check the venues below to see where you can catch them live:

11/10/05 ? Barfly, London
13/10/05 ? The Enterprise, London (for John Peel day)
22/10/05 ? The Square, Harlow
26/10/05 ? Academy, Liverpool
27/10/05 ? Soundhaus, Northampton
28/10/05 ? Barfly, Cardiff
2/11/05 ? The Portland, Cambridge,
3/11/05 ? Roadhouse, Manchester
4/11/05 ? Academy, Newcastle
5/11/05 ? Barfly, Birmingham
8/11/05 ? Barfly, Liverpool
9/11/05 ? Sugramill, Stoke
10/11/05 ? The Brickyard, Carlisle
11/11/05 ? Barfly, Glasgow
12/11/05 ? Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
14/11/05 ? Princess Charlotte, Leicester
15/11/05 ? Barfly, London
18/11/05 ? Fibbers, York
23/11/05 ? Louisiana, Bristol
25/11/05 ? The Forum, Tunbridge Wells
26/11/05 ? The Colosseum, Coventry
30/11/05 ? Bitterscene, Chelmsford
1/12/05 ? The Railway, Winchester
2/12/05 ? West End Centre, Aldershot

To get an exclusive non-album track download of ‘Out of Africa’, click here.

To pre-order The Crimea’s album ‘Tragedy Rocks’, out on October 17th, click here.

Article taken from Warner Bros’s Rock News mailshot, 06/10/05.


Here’s a show that points up contemporary music’s eclectic cross-pollination…
The Crimea are strange and charming originals, whose songs have the faded romanticism of three penny opera, topped by elegant piano, squalling guitar, and lyrical gems full of politics, passion, and diatribes against God. Their “Lottery Winners on Acid” may be one of the darkest and loveliest romantic paeans penned in recent years, with its pretty warbles of organ, and achy-earnest vocals delivering lines like, “She gets a black eye, I want a black eye . . . She gets a splinter, I want a splinter, too.” Love is a many splendored thing.

Article by Sarah Tomlinson for the Boston Globe, 29/9/05.


The Crimea – The old Crocketts man stomps in with new band

Davey Crockett, or Davey McManus as he’s known now he’s taken the mask off, used to front sadly-forgotten Welsh firecrackers The Crocketts. Likes to write a bit of poetry too. Quite a frontman, back in the day. And with The Crimea it looks like he might continue that tradition, if their spirited Reading performance was anything to go by. They have a solid debut album primed and ready to go too (‘Tragedy Rocks’ out later in the year), but in the meantime you can see what the fuss is about (and fuss there is, from some quarters certainly) with this free download of ‘Out Of Africa’, which is not available on the album:

Click here to download

Article taken from Crud Magazine.

Pop: New Kids in Town: The Crimea

Who are they? A London five-piece, the Crimea saw their track Lottery Winners on Acid hailed by the late John Peel as ?one of the best songs I?ve heard in years?. A vivid illustration of the time it can take to get off the starting blocks in the music industry, the band were spotted at the SXSW festival in early 2003; several indie singles and a US-only download album later, the Crimea are deemed ready for their home market, with a major-label deal and a debut album, Tragedy Rocks. Mining seams also worked by Bright Eyes, Eels, Ed Harcourt, Arcade Fire and Soul Asylum, their singer/songwriter, Davey MacManus, knows how to coin an arresting phrase, deliver a husky vocal and fashion a hook-filled three minutes. The album?s 10 tracks are little bursts of acerbity or loveliness, and sometimes both.

When?s the record out? October 17, on Warner.

Can I see them live? Their British tour begins on Tuesday at Barfly, NW1.

Article by Dan Cairns for The Sunday Times, 09/10/05.

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  1. andy says:

    The sheffield and second birmingham gigs weren’t ever actually announced – so therefore NOT cancelled.

    Don’t know where this came from in the first place

  2. Christopher says:

    that would be owen… feel free to slap him. and i just stick up anything and everything i hear about.

    btw, thanks for the amazon link you sent me. i don’t like them but i might just sign up anyway, see what happens…

  3. andy says:

    sorry christopher I wasn’t havin a go! Yes great idea with amazon. I reckon you could earn a ton!

  4. Denyer says:

    You’ve certainly got nothing to lose by it… it’s mildly interesting to see what people who visit your site buy.

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