Competition Time: WIN THINGS!


After much deliberation and hard thought, a winner for the album competition has finally been chosen. It was ruddy close, not helped by the fact there were hardly any entries. Both entries (yes, all two of them) were based on Lottery Winners On Acid and were both good efforts in their own ways. During judging, combined opinion went out the window, and I’d declare a tie break if it weren’t for only having one album to give away. So, by shear number of votes, and as I personally feel it’s a more original effort (and it made me laugh more), the winner is…

Americans On Springer by Andy Parker

Sorry Denyer, I know you prefered ‘Anthony Blair On Acid’ due to it scanning better, if only I hadn’t left my other album copies at home :o (

There was also a third entry, though unfortunately it came after the closing date and my conciense would not let me allow it entry to the competition. That said, the song, titled Opposite Shapes (a lovely story about the life and death of a Babybel cheese), was considered by all judges to be most excellent, with one judge judging that it’s line “Yeah I was a fool, well I am a fool laughing cow brandished on my outer foil” was better than the original song. It was also the favourite of the competition’s special guest judge, whom I can now reveal to be Mr Andrew Norton of Crimea guitar fame, who felt it flew better rythmically, and that having “so much dark, addictive passion about Babybel was amusing”.

Anyway, I’ll get the album off to the winner asap and hopefully I’ll be able to get something to the runner(s) up too. And if there’s no objections, I should also be bringing you the full lyrics to all the entries very soon.

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3 Responses to “Competition Time: WIN THINGS!”

  1. Denyer says:

    > re-write any one of the songs on either version of the album.
    > They must be written/sung to the same tune/beat, and include the
    > title of the song somewhere in the lyrics

    I reckon entrants should be allowed the old titles too. ;-)

    As a recommendation, the CD is a nice package and well worth entering for.

  2. Mike Rea says:

    Noticed your site on my links report, and wanted to thank you for pointing out that ukonline had changed my rating of the album ( My column is syndicated, so you will see the same review in about 45 different places (which is hopefully good?), but no-one is supposed to change the review rating…

  3. Christopher says:

    Cheers Mike, nice to know who/what the real reviewer/score was. If I notice it with a different score again I’ll make sure to point out what the real one was :o )

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