Where To Buy TR UK

So you’ve been saving up all year, got a tenner in your pocket and nothing to spend it on, all the local stores have sold out and you NEED THAT RUDDY ALBUM! Well here’s where you can get hold of Tragedy Rocks UK online; otherwise try your local record store. HMV should have it in their “New Releases” section :o )., The Crimea’s number one online retailer (something like that) have it for ?9.99 + ?1.50 p&p. They’ve also got Davey’s short stories and poem book too, along with the full Crimea back catalogue. have it for ?8.99 + ?1.45 p&p. Andy S used to work for em so be kind, leave a review too once you have it. It’s currently 246 in their sales rankings. will send it to you for nowt after giving them ?8.99 for the thing. Cheapest price so far, and apparently you get a free compilation CD with it. – yes, those guys with the adverts – have it for ?9.99 and free delivery. And plenty of other stuff too., indie record favourites and’ll send you Tragedy Rocks for ?9.99 + ?1.40 p&p., my favourite online record store have it for ?9.99 + ?1.00 p&p. They’d have the album promo too if I hadn’t just bought it off them., they’re my home town’s local store and hold joint first position in the cheapest TR album chart, ?8.99 and free delivery.
Now get shopping, and here’s to a top ten on Sunday’s Top Of The Pops album chart :o D.

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