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Here’s part three of yesterday’s news downpour, and hopefully the floodgates will now shut for a while so I can get some rest. I’ve got some real special treats in store but first up, some info some more Crimea radio sessions. That would be live sessions, on the radio in Glasgow, Manchester and on Liverpool’s Radio City. Unfortunately, they were on Wednesday. Sorry for not having any info up before, but I only found out via Davey’s MySpace blog on Thursday. Apparently they played a cover of Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” in Glasgow, and interviews elsewhere. If you happen to have a recording (likely) then I’ve stuck all my e-mail addresses on the bar to the left.
Another public service announcement; Wild UK are organising The Crimea’s official street team, including some mini-raffles at each gig, and they need some help. If you’re available to assist at the Harlow show in London tomorrow then please get in touch with Sam at and he’ll most likely make it worth your while.
Right, good stuff. Channel 4. As well as broadcasting a live performance of Lottery Winners On Acid on the Digital Music Awards on Channel 4 last Tuesday, S4C this Sunday and 4Music err.. sometime… They’ve also behind The Crimea’s first popular kiddie interview! Yes, the kind where they ask what flavour ice cream you like. Not only that, but they’ve stuck the link to it on their main Music Features page! Ohh yes, everything you’ve wanted to know about their looks vs. McFly’s, and their attraction to Rachel Stevens. Next up, a Saturday morning MOM appearance. If it’s good enough for Sleeper, it’s good enough for The Crimea.
If you’re lucky enough to live in the States, you can order a copy of October’s issue 11 of State Of Mind magazine for only $4.00. Ahh, I hear you ask, why would you want to? Their interview with Davey and Andy Stafford from The Crimea of course!
Now for the icing on the cake, and I hope you’ve kept reading this far. They may have been on Channel 4, the official site may have exclusive live videos on the way, but you can watch the band right now on the South By Southwest site who have a near 4 minute video of them playing SXSW 2005, including clips from their performance of Baby Boom, Girl Just Died and Someone’s Crying. And it’s the fourth item on their videos page, no less (with a lower quality version if needed). I do have copies saved incase it’s ever removed, so lemme know if it dissapears and I’ll stick it up here.
Some old news mentioned elsewhere before comes in from the CMU Music Network with their Out Of Africa and live dates post.
Also old, but a little more detailed; Loose Record’s news on the band’s WOXY radio show session.
On the sales front, Picadilly Records have what at first glance seems to be a simple sales listing, but a quick read will revel links to two sample mp3s from the album.
Going even further is the twmsiy* blog who have a news-article-come-review of the album and links to three whole MP3s: the WRG album version, original LWOA version and great remix of Baby Boom by The Vaden Plas.
And if that ain’t enough media for you, check out the other images and Bowery Ballroom photo pages for new Crimea flyers, setlists and live photos thanks to Awreye.

A pleasant chat…

“We’re the best looking band in the world!”

According to what scientists are now calling ?the internet?, The Crimea is Eastern Europe?s best kept secret. But if that?s the case, why is a secret bit of land on the phone to us? And why does one of the residents sound a bit on the Welsh side?

Well, readers, the answer is because there are two The Crimeas (who?da thunk it! Etc)! One is the aforementioned Ukranian peninsula. But better than some patch of rocks near Russia is splendid indie band The Crimea, and our powers of journalistic stuff were right. One of them is a Welsh.

Anyway, we chatted to them about losing two members of their band in a hedge (probably), vibrators and being better looking than McFly…

Hello The Crimea.
Hello Slashmusic!

You played Camden Barfly last night. How?s the hangover? Or did you go home and practice your harmonies?
Andy: We?re feeling fine actually thanks.
Davey: It was our first gig in London and it was great. There were a lot of girls there which makes a nice change for us. It?s always nice when people turn up though isn?t it?
Owen: It was a fairly restrained night of partying afterwards, but saying that there are two members of the band gone missing today.

Oh you ker-azy bunch you. Where did you leave them?
Owen: That?s exactly what our manager is asking right at this moment. I have no idea where they are, all we did was sit around with a few beers.

A likely story. Anyway, you also played a gig for John Peel Day. Tell us a story about John Peel. Or make something up.
Davey: We had bands before The Crimea and he hated everything we did. He thought we were shit, but when we got together as The Crimea he totally loved our demos. We gave him a twelve track CD and he played every song off it. If you?d asked me a couple of years ago I?d have said I hated him, but I totally respected the guy.

So you should. So what do The Crimea do that no one else does?
Davey: Well we?re really good looking; in fact, we might be the best looking band in the world. [??! - Ed]

Come off it. Better looking than McFly?
Davey: Yeah we?re better looking than McFly, you should see our abs! Or do I mean lyrics.
Andy: Some people have said that we?re pretty intense when we play live, which I guess we are. We hit each other a lot with our guitars. Not on purpose.

Right you are. You got your break when you bumped into Fran Healy from Travis and gave him a demo. Do you think things had been different if you?d bumped into, say, Lisa Scott Lee or Rachel Stevens?
Andy: Hell yeah. It would?ve been one of the great celebrity romances. I can just imagine me with Rachel Stevens!
Davey: I can?t see either of them letting us open for them, or maybe they would. I like that question, although Lisa Scott Lee, what the fuck is that all about?

Indeed. You?ve got a page on MySpace, which some people might use for dating. Do you spend a lot of time on there?
Owen: We?re on there all the time, we?re all totally addicted and Andy messages people all the time. We love it!
Andy: I write a blog on there so go and read the blog!

Or, alternatively, don’t! We couldn’t help noticing that one of your MySpace ?mates? is Virgin With A Vibrator. Nice girl. A close friend?
Owen: We played this gig in Kentucky and this girl was working in the fried chicken shop next door, and she came along to one of the gigs and somehow got our phone numbers and become a totally obsessed psycho fan! She started leaving messages on our MySpace page about vibrators, love beads, masturbation?

‘Somehow’ got your phone numbers eh? Well enough of that filth. Why should people turn off the internet right now and pop ‘into town’ to buy your album?
Davey: Because sometimes you just need a solid square of plastic in your hands, and a mouse doesn?t really feel the same. You need a surly shop assistant to be rude to you in a grimy record store. You can even shave in a CD; you can?t do that with anything you can get from the internet.

And does it have a cover of the Justin Timberlake classic, ‘Crimea River’ on it? Arf! Hello? The Crimea? Oh, they’ve gone…

‘Tragedy Rocks’ is out now on Warner.

Interview from Channel 4′s Slashmusic.

News: October’s State of Mind is Here!

We’re excited to feature interviews with Davey MacManus and Andrew Stafford of the UK band The Crimea. Their album Tragedy Rocks has made huge splash in the UK, and will be re-released here in the States on Warner Bros. Records in early 2006.

Mag info from State Of Mind, 15/10/05.

Video Coverage of SXSW 2005

   The Crimea at Exodus

After signing to Warner Brothers following 2004?s SXSW, The Crimea return to Austin for a sweet-sounding victory lap.

HIGH Quicktime
LOW MPEG-4 Download

Video from the South By Southwest site.

CMU Daily – on the inside

The Crimea have released a free download only song ‘Out Of Africa’, that won’t be appearing on their debut album, ‘Tragedy Rocks’ when it is released on 17 Oct – so you better go online and get yourself a copy. They’re playing a series of live dates over the next couple of months, too, as follows:

11 Oct: London, Barfly
13 Oct: London, The Enterprise
22 Oct: Harlow, The Square
26 Oct: Liverpool, Academy
27 Oct: Northampton, The Soundhaus
28 Oct: Cardiff, Barfly
2 Nov: Cambridge, The Portland
3 Nov: Manchester, Roadhouse
5 Nov: Birmingham, Barfly
8 Nov: Liverpool, Barfly
9 Nov: Stoke, Sugarmill
10 Nov: Carlisle, Brickyard

News post from CMU Music Network, 28/09/05.

Words From The Street.

** Today The Crimea are playing a Live Lounge Act Session on WOXY. The band hits somewhere around 4pm, but they typically run late in the studio. Their new record Tragedy Rocks has a terrible name, but the songs are quite good. They lyrics can be a bit tongue and cheek at times, but they certainly add a little fun to the material.

News from Loose Record, 27/09/05.

mean streets and good gin

yesterday’s beat part II*
tmwsiy* encourages you to listen to the crimea. they have a blues-tinged sound with a gritty-throated lead singer adding up to some good music. originally tmwsiy* thought that the release of this record had been delayed but apparently not, strange how these things happen. tragedy rocks has been described as “a lush and lacerating collection of edgy and melodic cocktails sweetened by sonic ambition and spiked with frontman Davey McManus? debauched, bitter-funny tales of mean streets, meaner romance, good gin and not-so-good times.” having just wrapped their own u.s. tour and a stint as the opening act for billy corgan, they have headed back home to the u.k. and will be playing a slew of shows there. enjoy.

News post by peter from the twmsiy* blog, 06/10/05.

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