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BT Digital Music Awards 2005You may have thought the SXSW vid mentioned yesterday was the best thing you’d seen in ages, but today I bring something even better. As mentioned previously The Crimea played a live version of Lottery Winners On Acid on BT’s Digital Music Awards 2005 on Tuesday. Now, if you missed Channel 4′s broadcast on Wednesday, don’t recieve S4C or don’t know what the hell 4Music is, no worries, The BT DMA website has a full recording of the show on their website available for streaming whenever you like. It’s a pretty nifty little thing, sort of an unedited version of events so you can see the kinda stuff that doesn’t get aired. The Crimea feature on part 2 but you’ll have to sit through 15 minutes of award talk beforehand as you can’t skip through it. But like I’ve said before, we put up with this streaming shite at Inaudible. Thanks to Denyer (for the 1000th time) who ripped, cropped and searchified the thing, you can download the whole thing right here. It’s 13.7 MB in size, in Microsoft’s AVI format and almost 5 minutes long. A link to it will be put up on the downloads page soon, as well as screen captures of the whole thing.
Staying with TV, I know I’ve gone through so many news posts in the last week I’m starting to see and hear the band’s name everywhere I go, halucinating images of Davey in the trees like, but I could swear I heard Frank Skinner mention the band’s name in an interview with McFly last night on the Frank Skinner show. Went something along the lines of “I saw the support band [The Crimea], then left…”. Someone let me know if I’m going mad, please.
Don’t foget that they deffinately are on BBC Radio Nottingham tonight giving an interview to Dean Jackson between 6pm and 10pm
Thanks to Steve Smith who sent in loads of pics from the Enterprise Peel Day show on the 13th, they’re all up on the images page so check em out.
And guess what? Ten more album reviews coming up, so long as I don’t shoot myself at the prospect of shitloads more work beforehand.

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