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The Crimea feature on a double page article in this months issue of The Fly Magazine. Title “The Tragic Numbers” it talks about the origins and future of the band in an interview with Davey MacManus whilst on tour in America. The mag also features a couple of full page adverts for the band, so get down you local Barfly venue and pick up a free copy. ‘Course, you could always check out the press clippings page instead, where, thanks to Roger Hoyle who scanned em in, you can see the article without even leaving your seat.
I mentioned yesterday about possibly hearing Frank Skinner mention The Crimea on his show during an interview with McFly. At the time I thought I was just hearing things, but oohhh no. With huge thanks to Uma and Sophie over at the McFly McFans website, I bring to you a video of the very incident where Frank Skinner is heard to say (on prime time television I might add): “There was a band on with [Dashboard Confessional] called The Crimea, who are brilliant, and I went [for] The Crimea… and I watched [them] and left”. Get in there.
And here’s some screengrabs of the BT Digital Music Awards 2005 performance. Which somehow I managed to fuck the recording of right up. So if anyone did see it, was there any more of the band shown other than the performance?
Nearly forgot about this; The Crimea are on Kerrang Radio tonight giving an interview on the Ctrl ALT Del show. Listen online right here between 9.00pm and 11.00pm. Or don’t, cos you knows I’m recording the thing and’ll have ripped MP3s up in no time :o P.

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  1. Denyer says:

    BTW, if you’re using the K! site, you’ll want a more recent version of NetTransport. Though it’s Shareware, it doesn’t seem to be crippled (the registered version just has more features.)

  2. Christopher says:

    just noticed they have an archived version, it wouldn’t work when i clicked on it and i was just planning on wav recording the live stream anyway, if that messes up then i’ll look into it. cheers.

  3. Denyer says:

    I’m listening to last week’s. Not a bad show, although nothing stunning’s leapt out in the first 18 minutes. I think the bitrate mutes the range quite a lot…

  4. Christopher says:

    hey, they just played the puppies new single :o D but i get the feeling i’m gonna have sat through another few hours of radio show with little to show for it. when the hell are the crimea on? 6 sessions, you think i’d manage to catch one of them :o \

  5. Denyer says:

    > hey, they just played the puppies new single

    Yeah, and something else that stood out as unusual. :-)

    Can’t be bothered to listen to the two hours to recall what it was right now, though…

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