Cardiff photos + Stuff.

Photos from the Cardiff Barfly gig are up, thanks to Elodie.
If anyone sees themselves in a photo and wants their face blanked, just email me about it.
For anyone who hasn’t heard, Davey’s given up drinking because he doesn’t like forgetting stuff. The side affect is that there’s no more jumping around.
Davey keeps changing the names of songs, even the band can’t keep up with the latest titles. Dunno what the hell I’m gonna do, maybe just make a list of aliases, and make up my own names.
I need a disguise, if anyone has a spare bunny costume, I may stand out less.
Anyone notice what Joe had written on his left knuckles at The Monarch gig?
And.. uh… I hate loads of people looking at what I’m writing. Fuck off. All of you. Ha. Bye bye.

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One Response to “Cardiff photos + Stuff.”

  1. elodie says:

    think he had kong written on his hand as well…

    elodie-in italy :-)

    by the way i knew who you were cos the guy next to you showed you to me right when you came downstairs, so dont worry im not stalking you lol

    will develop pictures from the barfly gig as soon as im back…will all be blurred but i guess people are used to my pictures now! talk to you all in a few days


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