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Well, lucky viewers of S4C’s Bandit music show last night will have seen Owen give a one minute interview about the band’s new album, and a few seconds of film from the Cardiff show a few days ago. Crowd surfers ahoy. Cheers to Phil on the message board for filling us all in. And damn my video again for putting white lines all over the recording. The sooner I get a TV card in my PC the better.
The Making Of Tragedy RocksAnyway, not all’s lost, Decoy Music have two new Crimea home movies to view. Titled The Making Of Tragedy Rocks they feature Andy N’s attemts at singing, Joe’s attemts at making a Chilli Peppers video and many more amusing events. I tried to rip them but alas, rip they would not, so you’re stuck with the stream for now…
Talk about tabloid interest, The Crimea are in The Sun again, although this time it’s the online version featuring a large article on the band. Cheers Emma for the heads up.
Here’s something for all you Japanese fans from the Same Shit Different Day blog. I know how they feel, if not what they’re saying.
And for the ones of you who entered the album comp, we’ve not forgotten about you, just waiting on one of the judges to get back from a wee trip he’s on and give his verdict :o )

Leaving the trash behind

Young, exciting and eclectic … The Crimea

THE CRIMEA are one of the most exciting young bands around, as their fantastic debut album Tragedy Rocks proves.

They are backed by a multitude of respected musicians and the late DJ John Peel called their single Lottery Winners On Acid: “One of the best songs I?ve heard in years.”

But frontman Davey MacManus told us it was a long road to success, which included a threatened hunger strike and a job emptying the Radio 1 rubbish bins at the very same time he was trying to convince the station to play his record.

He said: “It’s a bit unbelievable that we gave John Peel the CD and it was trash, they were the most dark, ethereal tracks you could possibly imagine, but it just really helped us to start out.

“I never met him, but I used to clean the rubbish from outside Radio 1 when I worked for the council department.

“You had to get up at 5am in the morning, and line up against the wall and get assigned a rubbish truck. And I was sent to Radio 1.

“That was at the time John Peel was starting to play our track. I just found it really embarrassing.

“I did threaten to go on hunger strike with my old band, because XFM were A-listing us for about 12 weeks and Radio 1 wouldn?t take us. Luckily John Peel suddenly played our record.”

The Crimea were founded by Welshman Davey in 2003, and has an eclectic sixties-inspired sound, and a Brit-pop tone with emotive melodies.

The rest of the band, named after the bloody 19th century Crimean War, consists of drummer Owen Hopkin, guitarist Andy Norton, Andrew Stafford on keyboard and Joe Udwin on bass and backing vocals.

And Davey isn’t the only band member to leave behind a ‘rubbish’ job.

“My worst job was working in Birkett’s pie shop,” said Andy. “I’ve never worked so hard in my life, honest to God. I still love pies though.”

From street sweepers and pie makers … to the charts

But the band are rapidly leaving memories of their less-than-dream-jobs behind them as their career takes off.

Their famous fans include Mike Skinner, Jo Whiley and Kelly Jones, and they have recently supported the likes of Stereophonics, The Bravery and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins.

And Fran Healy’s band Travis, who recently gave The Magic Numbers their first big support gig, also gave The Crimea a helping hand.

“I bumped into Fran in a supermarket in Camden,” explained Davey.

“Luckily I had a CD on me and he really liked it and asked us to support him at Brixton Academy the next week. It was really good.

“I phoned him the other week and asked him to come to support us at the John Peel gig but he couldn?t make it. I tried to return the favour!”

Blazing lyrics ... from Davey and the band
Blazing lyrics … from Davey and the band

But now they’ve got their own headline tour in the UK, Tragedy Rocks has been getting great reviews, and the band have acquired a loyal fanbase who love the group’s insightful lyrics.

And it’s no surprise the lyrics are so special – Davey is a published poet.

His book, Unamazing Disgraces, is written under the pseudonym Kernel Krock.

He explained the meaning behind his songs: “I try to shy away from being autobiographical.

“I’m so vain that I like to think I?m writing for everybody. For the masses.

In shops now ... debut album Tragedy Rocks<
In shops now … debut album Tragedy Rocks

“For Baby Boom, (which was one of John Peel?s Top Ten tracks in 2003), I try to speak for mankind in general.

“Someone called me a misogynist a few years ago and it really stuck with me. I?ve been trying to counter it ever since. Baby Boom is just slagging men.”

But breakthrough track Lottery Winners came to Davey while he was camping on a deserted beach in Australia, and he admitted that it is actually a happy song, for a change.

“I went over to Australia at the Millennium because it was so cheap as everyone thought planes were going to fall out of the sky at the end of 1999.

“I was inspired to write it as a love song. I wouldn?t say it’s too intense, more jovial. Romantic too.

“It?s the only one my mum likes.”

Tragedy Rocks is in the shops now. Visit the band’s website at or for Davey’s blog.

Article by Gisella Farrell from The Sun Online.

■ 『Tragedy Rocks

以前にも紹介したことのあるバンド、The Crimea。やっとフルアルバムが出るらしい。つーか、もう出てた。さっき知って注文した。



News post from the Same Shit Different Day blog, 04/11/05.

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