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A link to a live gig recording, but not here, it’ll be up on the official site soon enough.

From : The Crimea
Sent : 18 November 2005 13:20:22
Subject : To St Louis With Love… The Crimea Live

Dearest folk,

Over the summer months (we know… it’s a fast-fading memory), we were lucky enough to have been asked to support Billy Corgan on his US tour.
It was an incredible opportunity, fulfilled by what’s been some of our greatest experiences as a band, both personally and musically.

In an attempt to continually hone our performance, we recorded every night of the trek for a post-gig post-mortem. Having sifted through the crescendos, carry-on’s and cock-ups, one show stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Here’s the story (of sorts):

The 7th of July 2005 was a very strange day. After a successful night in Chicago, we decided to go out. Stumbling back to our RV in the early hours of the morning, we walked into a crisis – our tour manager was threatening to quit because we’d blatantly swapped a sensible over-night drive for a party. Without telling him.

All this was sharply put in perspective when we got a call from one of Andy S’s friends saying that London had been subject to a terrorist attack. Much like everyone at the time, we had no idea of its scale, what was involved or how many had been hurt. Being citizens of the great city, with friends, loved-ones and family all potentially affected, the news hit us like a speeding train. The journey to St Louis, needless to say, was a nightmare with everyone desperately searching for answers in a sea of questions.

That night, when Davey announced we were “from London, England”, lumps in throats made us all a second Adam’s Apple. On-stage at least, it was an incredibly poignant moment. From thereon in, our thirty minute set felt more like a tribute than our usual half-hour run-through. The result was probably our best show of the tour.
If you were there, we hope you enjoy re-living the experience. If you weren’t, we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed playing. It was a special evening.

Lots Of Love

The Crimea

To listen to us play ‘The Pageant’ in St Louis. Click here: Windows Hi Lo / Real Hi Lo

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