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OneMusicD’you hear it? If not, you can catch a recorded version of The Crimea’s OneMusic on the Radio 1 website right here but only until next Tuesday. Recorded at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios, the band recorded fresh new versions Lottery Winners On Acid and Baby Boom aswell as giving a go at new track Man and a cover of Tiffany hit I Think We’re Alone Now. There’s lots about it on the OneMusic website including photos of the session, an interview with Davey and Owen, and OneMusic presenter Huw Stephens’ diary which has some stuff on them in it. And, if that weren’t enough, I’ve also stuck together an MP3 mashup of Huw carrying on about them and the interview with the band that was aired during the first half of the show. Hit more for the show’s tracklisting and a copy of the BBC interview.

Huw’s Diary


Hey, hey. Alright? The week has flown by and here we are with another OneMusic show for you tonight.

…Also tonight, a session from The Crimea. I went to see them record the session at Maida Vale last week, just to say hello like. They were in fine spirits, and I got to hear Lottery Winners on Acid being recorded.

A version of the current decut album Tragedy Rocks came out about a year ago, but next year you’ll be hearing a lot more from them, guaranteed. Check out the cover they’ve done in session tonight!

News post by Huw Stephens from his OneMusic diary.

Behind the scenes with Davey and Owen of The Crimea

Peel called The Crimea’s Lottery Winners On Acid ‘one of the best songs I’ve heard in years’ and we agree. OneMusic caught up with The Crimea when recording their session for Huw. Joining singer Davey MacManus and Owen Hopkins on drums, The Crimea’s line-up now includes Andrew Norton on keyboards, Andrew Stafford on guitar and Joseph Udwin on bass.

Give us a brief history of The Crimea then.
‘Myself and Owen were in a punk band which broke up in 2004 and we were both left in horrible jobs, I was cleaning the streets outside Radio 1 with a balaclava on and Owen was working as a dinner lady! We got sick of working, so we invented a new style of music, we spent a long time finding a band, signed to Warner Brothers and we came back three and half weeks ago to begin our campaign in the UK.’

Owen: ‘Getting the line-up to where it stands now, settled about a year ago. We’ve got Joe from Zimbabwe, Andy from Wales, our keyboard player Andy is from England, and Davey who’s Irish. We like to think of ourselves as an international band.’

Describe the album.
‘Like the Smiths, its happy music but with unhappy lyrics, they’re realists, it’s just telling the truth, it’s saying sort of everything is rubbish but lets have fun anyway. There seems to be an obsession with death and destruction, there’s something sexual about it and people seem to be attracted to it.’

Owen: ‘Everyone loves a crisis. Davey and I spent nine years going up and down the motorways in the UK and everytime you see a crash there’s loads of people slowing down to see what’s happened, people love that shit.’

How does your writing process work?
‘We’re just like monks. It’s completely an obsession. We spent so long on every song, we demoed it 10 times, we changed the key and the tempo and everything until we could get it perfect. I think my favourites are Miniature Violins and Losing Your Hair, they’re the newest ones we’ve written, so they’re the babies.’

Whats coming up next?
‘We’ve basically spent last year touring in the states, we’ve just started touring the UK and in January the first single comes out, Lottery Winners, and then we’ll be on the road in the UK, fighting battles to get the music played.’

Interview taken from the BBC OneMusic website, 22/11/05.

Tracklistings Archive:

22nd November 2005

A Hawk and A Hacksaw – The Water Under The Moon (Darkness at Noon ) (Leaf)
Dengue Fever- Tip My Canoe (LP Escape from Dragon House) (M80 Records)
Oddskool – Monostril (single) (Machine Records)

Radio Luxembourg – Pwer Y Fflwer (Ciwdod)

The Crimea – Lottery Winners on Acid

Silver Sun – Immediate (Invisible Hands)
The Rudimentals – Big Boss (LP More Fire)
Misty’s Big Adventure- The Story of Love (single) (SL Records)

UNSIGNED: Low Sparks – Distilled (White Label)

Llwybr Llaethog – Trouble Bubbles SFA Remix (LP Mega-Tidy) (Rasal Records)
Piskie Sits – Props (Wrath Records)

SESSION TRACK: The Crimea – The Man

Jackie O Motherf***** – Rockaway (LP Flags of The Sacred Harp) (All Tomorrow’s Parties)

The Locust – Who Want’s A Dose of The Clap? (LP Prague Soundscapes) (Epitaph)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!- Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away (LP Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) (Wichita Records)

DJ Riko – Whistler’s Delight (Prank Monkey Records)
Robert Jesse and Simon Lord – Rainy Day (Trial & Error Records)
Vanishing Breed – ‘Humane Beings’ (Compilation LP: Autopilot Publishing – ‘Black Box’) (Emphase Records)

The Crimea – Baby Boom

The Liars – It Fit When I Was A Kid (single) (Mute)
Jakokoyak -Troi (Peski Records)
I’m Being Good – Sixteen Children’s Eyes (LP Family Snaps) (Johnson Family Records)
Tunng – Beautiful and Light (LP Mother’s Daughter and Other Songs) (Static Caravan)

C-Mone – Second After Second (single) (Son Records)

The Crimea – I think We’re Alone Now

An Emergency – We Speak Modal (LP We Are The Octagonists) (Captains of Industry)

Tracklisting taken from the BBC OneMusic website.

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