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Mailing ListLights, Camera, Action… Reaction!
The Crimea call in again with lots of Hollywood style news. And there’s an earlier mail out about Jo Whiley too.

From : The Crimea
Sent : 01 December 2005 11:00:32
Subject : Jo Whiley to play Lottery Winners this morning!

Hello folks,

Just a quick one to let you know Jo Whiley will be playing ‘Lottery Winners…’ this morning. Make sure you tune in!

You can let her know what you think of the track by emailing her at, calling on 08700 100 100 or texting on 81199!

See you soon!

The Crimea

PS We still have a few shows left on the UK tour:

1/12/05 ? The Railway, Winchester
2/12/05 ? West End Centre, Aldershot
9/12/05 – Club NME @ KOKO’s, London
21/12/05 – Christmas Party @ The Enterprise, Camden, London

Don’t forget you can buy our debut album ‘Tragedy Rocks’ here.

From : The Crimea
Sent : 02 December 2005 14:55:20
Subject : Lights, Camera, Action… Reaction!


So much news, so little time. So let’s crack on:

1. Our recent tour has been so successful (thanks to EVERYONE who came out), we’re ready to brave the in-fighting, long drives home and general tomfoolery once again. We can confirm, then, that our first official date of our first official tour of 2006 will be at the 100 Club in London on the 25th of January. If this recent jaunt is anything to go by, we suggest getting your tickets early. Unfortunately, we don’t know anyone at the 100 Club who, unlike the Barfly, will conjure up spurious ‘guest lists’ on our behalf, so please don’t leave it ’til the last minute. You have been warned.

2. Video, loads of it and we’re mad for it all. ECU, two-shot, jimmy jib… we’re so down with the terminology, Spielberg is officially bricking it. Some of you may have seen the Lottery Winners On Acid video in heavy rotation on MTV2. Some of you may not. For those poised to rock but don’t have cable tv, click here (and go to the videos section) to see why the Oscars are beckoning this year.
We’ve also just downed tools at the cutting room and crafted a documentary charting our trans-American odyssey with Keane and Sir Billy of Corgan. Be thrilled by the wonderful scenery, impressed by
the music and confounded by five drunk monkeys trying to warm up a hot dog in a service station. Click here to see what all the fuss is about.

3. On the subject of MTV2 and videos etc. we’ve been told by a little bird that the Lottery Winners On Acid video is hovering proudly in the NME chart this week. Being viewer-driven, we were just wondering…
well… you know… five minutes spare… time to kill… erm, basically, if anyone fancied budging it up a few places by voting, you can do so via the interactive red button (their website voting is down at the moment, but hopefully it’ll be back working soon). Our parents are on it already.
In another list-type scenario, Radio 1 are running their annual Peel-inspired Festive Fifty this year. As you may or may not remember, we eased past The White Stripes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Baby Boom last year. If you want to push any of our tracks to greater heights this year, please click here.

4. We’re coming to an end… honest. This one’s just a quick reminder about our Christmas party at The Enterprise in Camden on 21st December 2005. It’s ?5, will be packed with the usual sonic carnage and will come straight from our hearts as a big ‘thank you’ for a huge year. Ring The Enterprise on: 0207 485 2659 to see if there are tickets left.

And that is that. The long and winding road has stopped looking so long or winding. It’s a short pit stop, so brace yourselves for more action really soon.

Lots of festive love,

The Crimea.

Yeah, yeah, we know… darn that winding road. Here’s the few remaining

9 December – Club NME @ Koko’s, Camden, London
21 December – Christmas Party @ The Enterprise, Camden, London

Don’t forget you can buy our debut album ‘Tragedy Rocks’ here.

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