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Media SurveyEvening all. I don’t like to clutter this place up with personal requests, but this one’s a bit important and it could help you out too. I’m currently working on a university project to produce a new media player for websites and I’ve got up a little survey to help me figure out what you guys want and what I can do about it. You never know, the end product could end up giving you access to some brand new Crimea tunes, so please give a few minutes of your time to fill out the Media from the Web survey and err.. leave any other questions you have about, well, anything, in the comments for this post.

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  1. Denyer says:

    I’m replying here because several the available answers aren’t a close match and I refuse to stick down incorrect answers…

    What type of Operating System do you normally use on your PC?
    Win2K only; 9x is unstable, XP is bloat.

    Which browser do you normally use to surf the web?
    A mix of Firefox and Opera.

    What speed internet connection do you have?
    Blueyonder’s basic package is averaging about 1Mbit these days.

    How experienced do you consider yourself when it comes to computers?
    Server-side coding and relational database work.

    How often do you listen to media (music/videos) ACCESSED OVER THE INTERNET (downloaded/streamed)?
    Streamed: generally when I get told about stuff. "A bit", then.
    Download: quite a lot.

    Do you mainly save the media to your PC and view/listen to it from there, or view it within a website/stream it to a media player without downloading it?
    Download all ze way.

    What media player(s) do you normally use to open media files (online or offline)?
    Media Player Classic (video) or Winamp (audio).

    When you try to download/stream media from the web, does it usually work?
    Yes. There are ways around almost everything.

    When it does work, in your opinion do you feel you have to wait a long time for the audio/video to load/download?
    Most sites deliver content at least at the speed of my connection.

    Do you find that you have most problems playing back video over the web, or is audio the biggest problem.
    No real problems. Apple’s demuxed Quicktime streaming is currently the biggest pain in the arse.

    Do you find you have to download extra programs (browser add-ins, codecs, media players) to access media from the web?

    (Optional) If you have had problems when using media from the web, please try to explain some of them below.
    As a rule I AdBlock annoying Flash content if I’ll be going back to a site; Flash is like bubblegum on bus seats… very hard to think of a genuine use for.

    Are you annoyed when you can only view/stream media from a website, and not download it to your own PC?
    I tend not to take no for an answer.

    When faced with the above situation, do you find a way around it by stream ripping/recording the media anyway?
    Where possible.

    Do you think access of media files over the internet needs to be improved?
    Yes, I have a few ideas.

    Speed (e.g. do you get bored of waiting for media to play?) = 2
    Compatibility (e.g. does it never work?) = 2
    Features (e.g. do you want a volume control/equalizer?) = 5
    Quality (e.g. does the video always look like a big fuzzball?) = 4
    Ease of use (e.g. does the whole thing confuse you?) = 1

    Do you own a website / homepage (including MySpace/Blog type page)?

  2. Christopher says:

    I did wonder about the wording of some stuff, but I figured people’d just ignore the answers and just tick stuff based on it’s position compared to the other choices (1-5 stylee). I recon there’s a choice for most of your answers in there :o ). Did it not pop up the other questions when you clicked yes to the website one?

  3. Denyer says:

    I cut-and-pasted. Don’t tend to trust forms to submit without losing everything selected and typed.

    Do you currently make media (audio/video) available from your website?
    There’s a sound file or two in there somewhere.

    Would you pay to add media playback facilities to your website?
    Nope. Just upload the files and let people download and use their choice of software. Streaming is hideously inefficient and a bandwidth killer.

    Speed =3
    Compatibility =5
    Features =3
    Quality =5
    Price =5
    Ease Of Use =3
    Looks =2
    Customisability =2

    Are there any other features you’d like to see in a media playback system (in reference to you installing it on your website)?
    Automatic provision of download links to the source audio. I think it’s fair enough to offer a Flash wrapper player or similar, but there’s no point in trying to prevent people from listening as they prefer. It pisses off those who don’t know how to get around it, and isn’t effective against those who do.

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