Sony Copy Protected CDs Part 2

Sony BMGYes, I know, you’re prolly getting bored of this too by now, but just incase there’s still any ill advised people out there who were planning on buying a CD produced by Sony that happens to come with copy protection (quite a few of them do), heed this warning: DO NOT BUY SONY COPY PROTECTED CDs! ALL copy protection methods used by Sony (MediaMax, XCP, and most likely any other method they come up with) WILL seriously damage your PC. All copy protection methods, and all uninstall methods (one released just this morning, 2 months after Sony knew about the problem) contain extremely dangerous code that you really don’t want anywhere near your PC. If it’s too late for you, DO NOT use any method given by Sony to uninstall anything, your anti-virus software should provide a safe way to get rid of the stuff, or search Google for a third party uninstaller. After 4+ seperate highly dangerous software releases, Sony BMG have pretty much proved they have no idea about safe coding. The store you purchased the (probably imported) CD from should be dealing with returns, although they’re most likely still selling the things too. Frankly, the same goes for all other label’s copy protected CDs, though they’re more annoying than dangerous. If there’s no other way for you to purchase the CD, your local P2P file sharing service should have plenty of high quality unrestricted versions on them that you can transfer to whatever the hell you like, if you feel bad about it then post the band a cheque already. More info can be found at the Freedom to Tinker blog, Sysinternals blog and, for those who doubt the reliability of non brand-name sites, the BBC News website.
And in other music-label-acts-the-fool news, Warner/Chappel Music (yes, those lovely folks who own The Crimea’s publishing rights) have banned fans from easy access to song lyrics they own the rights to. If any of you lovely people would like to send myself a cease and desist, I’m quite happy to remove all content from my site. No really, I don’t mind, a few hundred fans and a couple band member might, but I’m good.
UPDATE: Eek, I should’ve kept my mouth shut… Warner / Chappel now want to jail me for using their lyrics. Clever.

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2 Responses to “Sony Copy Protected CDs Part 2”

  1. Denyer says:

    I’m getting to the stage of "fuck it, I’m not buying any music that isn’t direct from an band or an indie label."

    Not quite there, but close.

    The product of companies who treat their genuine customers as gulls and criminals is surplus to requirements. A label needs customers, not the other way around.

  2. Christopher says:

    oops, just deleted your comment denyer, i was going for that one on the top post, forgot it was stickied and actually near the bottom of the post list :o \ eh well, here’s the link you posted:

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